"Uncle Tom" Latest Movie by Justin Malone 🎥

When the movie first came out, there were postings on Youtube of this movie. Funny how this movie has triggered the left and pretty much gets banned on youtube? Why is that?

A really good film to watch, and of course of the mind set of uplifting a race not putting it down for the degeneracy we see today, which of course was brought on by white liberals.

Here is a clip of the movie. BTW I downloaded the full movie for anyone here wanting to see it. I break no copyright laws by doing so, I have permission to share it, and so do you!


Uncle.Tom.2020.720p.WEBRip.800MB.x264-GalaxyTV.mkv (797.5 MB)


I watched your tutorial and it is a fact that Leftist Discrimination has an awful sting and it is the worse. Starting in the 60`s when Justice Douglas coined the phrase “Benign Discrimination” for programs which would leap frog lesser qualified people into serious professions (Medical Doctors).Fortunately the Supreme Court has over the years greatly reduced this sort of positive discrimination. Some years ago I read the auto-biography of Colin Powell. He started as a 2sd lieutenant and rose faster than a meteorite, and he honestly admitted that he was the grateful recipient of affirmative action.


This is talking about you!

Yes, affirmative action has had a negative impact on society as a whole and does African Americans as well as other minority races a great disservice! A nation should be about bringing out the best in its people, and when you remove the barriers that give preferential treatment to a specific group of people, the playing field levels, and overall society as a whole improves and there becomes no such thing as institutional racism. Unfortunately “Affirmative Action” only reinforces the false narratives of a system that is systemically racist. How did a first Black president win a second term if our country has systemic institutional racism when Blacks only represent 13% of the population? White guilt?

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Pretty remarkable campaign ad!

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It’s great that so many terrific, young blacks are emerging as a new wave of “black leaders,” who call out the leftist’s scams.