UK Politician Who Pushed for Gender-Neutral Bathrooms Is Charged with 9 Counts of Child Sex Abuse

This is pretty disgusting and might explain why there is such a wide spread blatant obfuscation of law enforcement officials because Government in the UK is complicit in raping children!

Just look at this POS to know what is going on here! Child molesters are infiltrating UK Government!


Just look at that guy. He fits the exact profile of a kiddie diddler. Of course he pushed to allow deranged cross dressing lunatics into the bathroom with normal people. He’s a sick pervert!

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This is what happens when people fear being called a name so badly that they don’t speak up for what they know is right. Monsters like this start creating laws and the victimization of children and families continues. All because people won’t speak up.

Aye, if you asked someone to draw a picture of a paedophile it would look like him

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But I thought nothing bad would happen if we erased the boundary between men and women?

Everyone should realize that there was a massive bug money agenda pushing this when it seemed to be happening in all Western countries simultaneously.

As to be expected everyone who was pushing this is a criminal and a pervert hiding behind…tolerance.

Why are all the British posters here silent about this?

A feminist and lgbtbbqlmnop ally being a sexfiend? I am shocked, SHOCKED I SAY .

We need to start coming up with harsher punishments for this type of stuff. A relaxing vacation in Club Fed just ain’t going to cut it anymore. I’m sure that UK treats them even better than we do here. That nonsense needs to end. Chemical castration is a viable option.

They are infiltrating every profession and walk of life.

The more we normalize perversity the more we can count on things like this to become more, not less common.

Their sick pervert was changing the laws to accommodate his sick desires. I don’t even understand how anyone who looks like this freak could ever get elected. He literally looks like a pervert who should be in prison.

I’m kind of in favor of bringing the stockades back. Let people throw rotten vegetables at them (from Whole Foods). IMO there is no better deterrent than being shamed and ostracized.

Oh you missed the fun couple months back, at another place and another time I almost got libs to defend pedophiles…until divine intervention stepped in. :wink:

Let me guess, another dirty yellow snowball to the rescue?

I Talked To A Gal
That Said The Uni-Sex Toilets Of Paris Don’t Have Any Problem
Because She Wasn’t Personally Raped When She Used One

Uni-Sex Toilets Are Going Into High Schools
Here In The Kansas City Area
…Just Waiting For The Headlines

Unfortunately it’s only a matter of time.

Why is it we live in a world today where every decision has to be made catering to the lowest common denominator no matter how much harm it does to the rest or society as a whole.

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This wasn’t headline news here in the U.K. but did get a mention on the BBC news site.
If I can find an update after the trial 7th August I will post here.

When I was growing up, it used to be said that the real punishment for paedophiles and sex offenders came to them from the inmates of the prisons that they were sent to. I haven’t heard this said for many years which makes me wonder if such scum still get a well deserved hard time in the prisons.

We can only hope that it still takes place, just more discreetly.

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No sentance brought so far as the guy pleaded not guilty at his first court case, so now it heads to Crown court in September.