UK Dictatorship Blocks Online Pornography Nationwide

The UK government will begin blocking all adult websites in the United Kingdom as part of a strict new law seeking to protect children from pornography.

The new law, which comes into effect next month, will force people over the age of 18 who wish to view adult content to supply the British government proof of ID and spend £5 on a “porn card” at a local retailer. reports: That means starting as soon as next month, in order to access porn sites like PornHub and YouPorn – which both attract almost two billion visits each month worldwide – Brits will be required to provide proof of ID prior to accessing any X-rated video clips.

These new regulations were approved as part of the 2017 Digital Economy Act.

These free sites will join a number of other internet porn sites which are already currently using what’s called the AgeID system. The AgeID system requires users to present an official form of identification like a passport or driver’s license in order to verify their age.

When a potential porn viewer first clicks onto the website, AgeID will ask them to register and verify their age via Mobile SMS, a driver’s license, passport, or credit card.

This is another reason internet users should be rushing to backup media they want/desire, downloading censorship-resistant software such as Tor and I2P, along with peer-to-peer and torrent clients. If the future of the internet is to remain free, internet users must take action to decentralize and share files over the darkweb, P2P and torrent networks.

As someone brilliant once noted: "I’m not promoting pornography, however I am promoting the freedom to CHOOSE whatever you desire to watch, even if it is looking at smut.

Here’s a solution for all you Brits, now listen up:

Go here, download this client ASAP:

Don’t just install this, back it up too and share that version of the client you have. You can find older versions being shared on other P2P clients too. With Tribler you can download or stream videos hosted by other peers, NO internet domains needed. However, the bad part is the selection may not be great. You will be limited to whatever other people are willing to share. I’d recommend getting whatever videos you’d like now, rip them using youtube-dl (which can rip videos from porn sites too if you desire). Use Tribler to share the banned content.

NOW LISTEN EVERYONE ELSE! I’m busy so I won’t be on here very long, everyone else better be prepping for this in advance becuase this shit IS going down, NOT just in the UK but around the world. Internet crackdowns are REAL and they ARE coming to a nation near you!

You have been warned. Warn others. The time is NOW. Its do, or regret doing nothing later."

What a shame. Laws enforced to stop pornography, while the police allow paki rape gangs to abuse children for decades. Such is life in the United Kingdom.

God Save the Queen!

Have they defined pornography? If they have we should post stuff here that goes right up to the line.

I think pornography is degenerate but I would love to give the cucks in the UK a hard time. We could even report posts here and send the police on a wild goose chase looking for porn licenses in the UK. All we need to do is connect to the UK through a VPN and post :rofl:


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I don’t think I’ll ever understand people in the UK. They will allow their government to pass stupid things like this but they won’t hold their government accountable for failing to initiate and complete brexit.

So, what if a porn site doesn’t implement this crap, will UK ban it like China does with their great firewall? Also all their efforts are easily circumvented by a VPN, for once kids will learn something useful instead of just wanking :rofl:

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Like you won’t hold your government accountable for not initiating and completing the wall? That is a very naive statement you made. Perhaps you should stick to things you know something about.

I don’t see the big deal. If you want to watch porn, prove you’re over 18. We put children first, before rights of perverts.

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So you insular Yanks are gloating that you have all the freedom. Well, you are not allowed online gambling, non US forex brokers wouldn’t touch you with a barge pole and that is irrespective of where you are in the world, you can only trade forex on a 50:1 max leverage, you have to submit a lengthy tax return every year no matter where you are - there is no getting away from your taxman! But you are free to wank to online porn without proving you are over 18. LOL. I would rather have our freedom than yours.

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That’s actually not correct. The U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled in Murphy v. National Collegiate Athletic Association that the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act violated the 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. As a result, sports betting online is now legal in the US. Many states have moved forward and granted the appropriate licenses to online sports betting outfits.

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If that’s true then why do you have so many grooming gangs?

We don’t have the ability to dissolve our government like you do. We hold our politicians accountable during the election cycle. We can’t cast a vote of no confidence.

Speaking of which, why is Teresa May still your prime minister? She has completely failed to deliver on brexit and you people don’t seem to be holding her accountable.

You should take the time to understand how US politics works before making such a naive and uninformed comment.

Now go enjoy your freedom and make sure you have your TV license :rofl:

Watch out for those pesky rape gangs when you go outside too :rofl:

Because like you, we have puppet masters who pull the strings. Our politicians aren’t in charge, just like yours aren’t. Your politicians do not represent the electorate any more than ours do.

In case you are not aware of the facts, Brexit is not until 29th March. You are premature to say it hasn’t been delivered.

My statement was deliberately as antagonistic and naive as yours.

Don’t gloat because they’re heading your way, through your southern border. Once in they will breed prolifically and drain all you have. You won’t be laughing soon.

You really shouldn’t be firing shots from inside a glass house. At best it makes you look vindictive and stupid.

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Pennsylvania is second only to Nevada in commercial casino revenues. On October 26, 2017, the House passed a bill that will legalize online gambling . This includes horse racing. Most states allow online gambling.

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Other than normal curiosity, porn sites never really interested me. I do believe a certain degree of maturity is necessary; and since it’s pretty much effortless for children to access porn sites, I think the line should be drawn somewhere.

Are you actually suggesting that the UK and the EU has a more reasonable tax scheme than the US? Are you on drugs? Oh and how’s that socialized medicine working out for you? Do you even know who pays for that? lol

Not at all if you actually bothered to read my post. I said all US citizens have to submit a lengthy tax return every year no matter where they are in the world, which is fact. Everything else I stated regarding trading is fact too. Is it possible you can respond to facts instead of simply throwing a tantrum?

By socialised medicine you mean the NHS. All developed countries have universal healthcare. The US is the odd one out. Yes and we do pay for it, like you pay for bombing the shit out of everyone instead.

And by the way you are derailing this thread. This is about porn.

I’d be okay with burning all porn. Every last video, magazine … all of it.

Interestingly enough, that’s exactly what the Nazis were doing when they were burning books, magazines, and posters in the streets. They were ridding Germany of all the degenerate material. You NATSOC now!

Says the bong who brought up gambling and taxation :ok_hand: