Uh-oh? No wonder they're panic-stricken over Brexit

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Easy: Comedy duos are a longstanding tradition: Laurel and Hardy, Abbott and Costello, Martin and Lewis, Stiller and Meara, Rowan and Martin are some famous examples.

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I don’t quite understand the specific pros and cons of Brexit, but its real value is the fact that people finally said NO to decisions of faceless bureaucrats in Brussels (Farage called them old wet rags, I think) and to the conventional wisdom in politics: Government always cares for you, thus the bigger the government, the better.

The EU is a fraud.
The NATO is a fraud.
The UN is a fraud.
The banking system which finances them and under which we live is a fraud. The bank note is a fraud.

We have to question everything that we take for granted. It’s a good start.

It may take some more years but hopefully humanity realizes the fraudulent nature of the World Order and say NO.

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In a nutshell it amounts to this: Whilst they claim to be ‘the servants, not the masters’ of the electorate, they’re only weasel-words which they don’t actually believe. What they do believe is that they have some kind of ‘born to rule’ qualities, and therefore they think of themselves as ‘the masters, not the servants’. By keeping links or ties with Brussels, no matter how tenuous, they are ensuring that when their Westminster time is up, there will be another talking-shop to which to seamlessly repair, in order that they can carry on leeching off of the taxpayers, like the parasites they are. unto retirement. Their salaries will be - as they are here - extremely generous for 6 months of the year attending their place of ‘work’, with lots of additions to that salary, including travel allowances, and secretarial expenses, the secretarial duties usually done by their domestic partners. This should have been a Leave or a Remain issue, but the politicians are cunningly frustrating it . . . and god only knows (at a billion pounds sterling to the ECB per week - I repeat per week!) how much this traitorous imbroglio is costing us taxpayers. I’ve just tweeted this:

(career) pol·i·ti·cian (pŏl′ĭ-tĭsh′ən)
2. One who deceives or outmaneuvers others for personal gain: distrusted: willing to let foreigners have control of his country’s legislature, exchequer, and military: social parasite who works 6 months a year. ‘REMIND you of anyone?’

NB the ‘REMIND you of anyone’ was famously uttered by The Maybot at the end of a diatribe (during a PMQs session) reeling off examples of Corbyn’s incompetence.

Absolute truth.
The whole Brexit issue is not a “British” issue, but rather a European issue.

Whilst some claim all governments should be abolished, I beg to disagree. National governments by proper representation are the last line of defense at this moment. Not some bureaucrats across the channel or across the border who don’t give rats arse about the people they don’t even care to know.

One of the money quotes I recall was from one of those EU ministers who essentially said that ordinary people having a say in if they’re in or not is against everything the EU stands for.

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The behaviour of The House of Clowns is a travesty.

This morning on R5-Live I heard one company CEO say that indecision and lack of direction is killing industry. Another person, who might have been a fund-manager at a renowned establishment, said that the whole Brexit debacle has destroyed any credibility attached to having a central government.

It is interesting to hear significant figures voicing my own concerns. I wonder if they realise that they are playing the very existence of democracy. Obviously the EU Commission has been aware of this from the start…


I hate to say it but (I’m obviously not generalising here) we’ve become a country of fools, governed by fools. And it’s happening in every country in the west. Dumb down the peasants then they’ll either not notice they’re being exploited, or it they do, won’t have the intelligence to counter it.

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Uncertainty is what is damaging the UK we basically have a inept government they must have got lazy whilst living under the EU

Inept government or purposely designed to look that way for the purpose to play on heated emotions to create confusion and diversions?

I believe that some members of the government are deliberately creating uncertain to drive the narrative that brexit is a terrible financial idea. Also they use certain phrases that (like crashing out without a deal) they deliberately use this language create to a negative image of brexit to neutral viewers

I see Tony Blair is at it again by opening his pie hole!

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The Westminster cliques, including the Lords, are so obsessed with their own future interests that they’re mischievously deploying neuro-linguistic conditioning hyperbole such as (per Rick’s example) ‘crashing out’, ‘cliff-edge’, ‘looking into a chasm’, ‘disastrous for jobs’ ‘a threat to our way of life’, blah blah, effing blah, cynically ignoring the wishes of their constituents, and abusing their parliamentary privileges and public profiles to do it, that if they get their way on this issue, then there will be no doubt that this country of ours is saying ‘Goodbye democracy, hello oligarchy’.

Actually I’ve just had a thought - an oligarchy is exactly what the EU is?

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Yep, all the losers - him, Major, Brown, Cameron, to name but a few - are yapping away on it, and wouldn’t we all like to know why? There must be something in it for them if they’re prepared to come out of richly-deserved obscurity and risk their credibility by reminding us all how fucking useless they were?

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And they will not even allow us a general election which shouldn’t even be necessary because they know the majority of the People wants brexit most remainers in government have become completely undemocratic