U.N. Wants 10% GLOBAL TAX!

These people are NUTS!

Talk about a globalist power grab! Thankfully, the USA has veto power in the U.N.

The UN; well, you don’t want to get me started on the UN; but I guess you know it’s too late. Disband the UN, then use the building as a deportation center; then when it’s served that purpose, use it as a prison for crooked politicians; if there’s enough room.


Fuck the UN and Fuck China.

Both should be dismantled.


The United Nations only exists because other countries pay for it to exist. They have no authority to levy attacks on anyone. In fact, we should strongly consider pulling out of the UN and kicking them out of the United States.


Without the US funding it, it collapses.

Defund it and let them move it to a neutral small Island somewhere in the mid oceans.

That real estate in Manhattan is almost unlimited in value and we get nothing out of it at all in the form of tax revenues.

The “diplomats” are a multi billion dollar drain on the NY and US economies not to mention crimes committed by those with “diplomatic immunity”.


Ha! Great idea! Let them issue their proclamations from a place like this!

^^^^ This

Couldn’t agree more.

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There should not be anymore US funding of the Useless Nation until it ends supporting Anti Israel organizations and fully gives diplomatic recognition to The Republic of China( Taiwan).
Tehran would be a good location in case for some reason, the US would have an armed conflict with Iran.

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Well, two out of three, not bad.

Let me see them trying to tax N. Korea and Russian first. And what do I get from paying taxes to these unelected officials, a sticker saying I am a proud world citizen?

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Their attempts to take away our SOVEREIGNTY!!!

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