Two sexual pervert in the white house 2021

So what is so imperfect about Harris or at least her past? Well, as a twenty-something she really loved sex. Of course there is nothing wrong with loving sex but Kamala Harris loved it from men who were twice her age, men who were married and there are hints that she was into threesomes.

According to [USA Today]), when Kamala Harris was 29 she was dating the former mayor of San Francisco, Willie Brown, who was 60-years old at the time and married. Brown would then attend parties with his wife on his right arm and Kamala Harris on the left.

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Whether engaging in this kind of behavior was a [power move by Kamala Harris](ha Harris who was very envious of Bill Clinton’s relationship with Monica, They actually met and had sex many times right under Hillarys nose in a car or outside hide by Buildings and taped it sometimes or it was her satisfying some sexual desires, it is still freaky behavior.

Harris’ freaky habits worked well at first with Pervert Joe Biden and other women he sexually used for his satisfaction
As for her dating somebody else’s husband, again, we are talking about consenting adults.

So yes, Kamala Barris was a very freaky young lady but as a middle-aged woman, she will make a freaking good whore in the White House, Alot was made about Jill Biden also the facts that she banged Joe when his first wife lay in bed dying , Hunter Biden just a drug addict and mature women whore magnet. So tell me why you voted for these two queers?

Nothing freaky about threesomes when it’s consentual. It depends on your views of sex , some people believe sex is done only in certain ways and anything different is dirty or perverted.This country as a whole has not gone past PURITANICAL thought.

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It’s none of your business. Trump loved sex too, “grabbed em by the pussy”, was into extra marital sex and fornication with whores. Only two American presidents in history have been divorced, Reagan and Trump and never a post from you. Your threads are dripping with hypocritical bullshit….:roll_eyes:

Why are you so infatuated with her? Personally, I couldn’t give two fvcks who she fuvcked… or when and how.

We all know what she is… and Joe, too. Why must you post the same s**t almost every day about them??? Just stop!

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when you elect a WHORE and a sexual Pervert Kamala Harris and Joe Biden tell America and the world about it, the media dose not they all talk like they are doing me a favor they are not

And that’s why you feel the need to post the same damn thing every day??? Do think the rest of us don’t know what those two are??? Why is it so important for you to just keep hammering out the same shit on here every day???