Tucker — Seattle city employees told to ‘undo their whiteness

Have we peaked yet in shear insanity? Let me know when we do because this latest development in Seattle politics smells of lawsuits all over the place for its employees who will have to endure this nonsense. I wish I was one of them because I would have a field day! I missing out on all the fun.

‘All white public employees white work for the city of Seattle were informed that their so-called ‘white’ qualities were offensive and unacceptable in today’s society, and they were promptly enrolled in mandatory racism classes paid for by Washington taxpayers.’

I think what we need to do is start a massive trucker protest at stop bringing in food and essentials to these cities that treat people this way.

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I think eventually a lot of these cases are going to go up to the Supreme Court as discrimination cases in violation of the Civil Rights Act.

How F-ing stupid undo your whiteness !! What in the hell is wrong with these morons ? Time to tell the blacks to stop whining about shit that happen 400 years ago .

This is all going to backfire.

As Tucker said, it is also illegal.


How could this be happening in our country and where are the people that we elected to call this stuff out! The people pushing this garbage in America need to be locked up!

Because both sides believe this mess is helping their cause.