Trump tells White House staff we will not be moving out!

Something is up. Interesting development.

Let’s put 2 + 2 together.

The White House has instructed Trump staff to STOP packing…

The Pentagon has stopped giving Joe Biden intelligence briefings…

More Republican representatives are on the record claiming they will contest the electoral votes…

Dan Scavino has been posting increasingly cryptic messages on Twitter…

And Kamala Harris STILL hasn’t left her Senate seat!

Now, Rudy Giuliani has given an explanation on the voter fraud:

“You’re going to find out all at once. It’s going to be very shocking to the country.”


He sent out invitations to his inaugural gala.

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Something is building

See Nashville bombing, NSA, Solarwinds and China! Connect the dots! Yes something big is coming!

FBI won’t tell us for 30 years

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Yes let your tds out! Therapy is good
lol … but lay off the tide pods go for a run lose some weight you will feel better ha

Why doesn’t Biden take any questions?

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I wonder if trump will replace Biden as speaker in January 6?