Trump Observers Are Being Blocked Entry to Voting Locations in Philly

Trump Observers Are Being Blocked Entry to All Satellite Voting Locations in Philly

Philadelphia on Tuesday opened 15 new satellite offices as early voting sites. According to a Philly inquirer reporter, there was a delay in opening the satellite offices Tuesday morning due to “computer issues.” There was reportedly a problem with the state’s voter database. Trump observers are being blocked entry to satellite voting locations in Philly, according to President Trump’s 2020 election security staffer and GOP advisor Mike Roman. Ellie Rushing with the Philly Inquirer said she spoke to a Trump campaign observer who was blocked from entering a satellite office in Overbrook unless she was there to actually register to vote. Why are poll watchers being kicked out of voting locations in Philadelphia? What are they hiding?

Philadelphia – the birth place of our democracy, hindering democratic polling practices??? What’s wrong with this picture?

This started with the Kenyan Pig Obama. In 2008, New Black Panthers with their intimidating presence – wearing black beret, combat style uniform & heavy boots --were allowed to man the N. Philadelphia polling station. Trump poll watchers are not coming with such intimidating uniforms, neither are they hindering Biden-voters from voting at that precinct.

The same Jerry Jackson or Minister King Samir Shabazz also turned up on Nov. 6, 2012 to man the polling place. Then again in 2016 or so. They claimed to be poll watchers.

I thought poll watchers were permitted in all states. Which ones do not permit them, and on what grounds?

This is such fake news it’s ridiculous. Poll watchers in Pennsylvania, and in most states, have to be assigned to a specific precinct in advance. They can’t just show up and do whatever they want. So stupid.

When we want to know what a sub-human baby-killer socialist like you thinks we’ll let you know.

Until then go back in your hole. :rofl: :rofl:

Earlier today the Philadelphia chapter of the International Association of Fire Fighters broke with the International Association of Firefighters and backed President Trump for reelection over Joseph Biden.

However, in a repeat of 2008 -where Philly members of the Black Panther Party blocked voters against Barack Obama- there are now reports of President Trump poll observers being blocked from satellite precincts in Philadelphia.