Trump is Welcomed in India Like a Rock Star

Pretty amazing to watch the kind of reception that Trump got in India to a crowd that was estimated being 130,000 in attendance. Sorry CNN, but there is no way to fudge this one. Loved the the “Macho Man” song blurring out in the BG as the CNN corespondent was trying to speak!

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Yes, pretty awesome.

Did you see this? Pretty funny.

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That is pretty funny! I was meaning to watch this but forgot about this vid! :rofl: :rofl:

Here is the full version. It’s pretty good. I’ll bet Trump got a good laugh when he saw it :wink: :joy:

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I can see that everyone is very excited to get their H-1Bs and drive down wages in one of our few high-wage industries. I’m glad they enjoyed themselves and had a wonderful time.

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I thought the video was pretty well done.

I don’t think that makes me or anyone else and advocate for driving down wages here in the States. I’m actually against that.

I’m wondering if this is the signal a stronger pivot to India and away from China? India has a massive population and the ability to still up industrial level production of goods fairly quickly.

I love that Trump can go to India and attract crowds like this and meanwhile the entire range of all the Democratic candidates can barely fill a lunch room, with the exception of Bernie Sanders who only has people show up because he has live music before his event.