Trump has concealed details of his face-to-face encounters with Putin from senior officials in administration

I believe it is all about the leaks and how to stop them cold.

The charge:

And Trump’s response:

He has a conversation with a world leader and is obligated to tell everyone about it?

Where’s that one written down???

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The next two years will likely be replete with outrageous stories speculating on things done or not done within the administration. The Democrat Party, the liberal MSM and the rest of the resistance movement are desperate to remove him from office by any means necessary.


What about “tell Vladimir I’ll have more flexibility after the election”? We never heard another word about that! I am so sick of the media in this country colluding with Democrats!


My thoughts exactly. Have we ever demanded to know every word exchanged between our Presidents and world leaders during private discussions between the two?

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Putin must have told Trump… “I want you to fix the U.S. economy, crush ISIS, and fight human trafficking. Got it?”

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I love this. Does anyone else remember the posters of Hillary and Bill that were being displayed all over China when Bill was in office? Where were his multiple discussions with China recorded exactly? How about the discussion with them to relax trade rules on satellite tech? Don’t remember that ever being “on the record.” Hell, good luck even finding a hit on Google about it. But yes, the Clintons were both big heroes in China and Bill was personally responsible for allowing the Chinese to purchase the tech making them able to hit us with nuclear weapons for the first time in history. But don’t worry about any of that. Treason is nothing compared to getting a blowjob from an intern. :roll_eyes:

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Well the Mueller “Russian” probe turned out to be a case of jaywalking and tax cheating on the part of others , so it’s time to make shit up AGAIN !

That was over heard and he never told anyone else about it.

The media pretty much ignored the story and it died yt the left continues throwing out fake news.