Trump budget slashes $4.4T in spending, hits foreign aid and social safety

Most of the foreign aid dollars, fortunately aren’t being exported as dollars.

I think it’s 90% of all military foreign aid has to be spend in the US with US defense contractors.

Unfortunately much of the relief aid going to the poorest countries, be that foodstuffs, medicine, medical supplies, goes mainly t Africa and ends up being seized and controlled by various warlords to support their armies/militias.

But as you said above, whatever form it takes it doesn’t get distributed to those who need it. I’d guess most of it is capitalized into the pockets and bank accounts of those who are responsible for that distribution.

And you have no evidence to support the supposition.

:roll_eyes: And you have none to refute it.

But those things that can be monitored by an inspector assigned to the country receiving it. We shouldn’t trust any of the government officials there to do it. Prime example: Puerto Rico.

The huge stashes were found in warehouses. Whether they had been sold or not has not been determined (that I know of). The goods can be impounded and distributed as intended, but it will require someone NOT associated with the government of Puerto Rico to accomplish this fairly.

They could be indeed but then you’d be putting those aid workers in very dangerous positions so we’d need a substantial troop deployment in each of those countries to protect them.

Of course, once it leaves the main distribution points it would be totally out of our control.

PR’s entire gov’t needs to be removed for cause and replaced.

Not wishing to be contentious here, but I’ll bet those inspectors that you mention, as is implicit in your reference to ‘government officials’, are government appointees.

No in most cases they are UN or NGO employees.

They can be, but what I’m talking about are inspectors from the US tasked with assuring the goods get to where they were intended. I exclude any and all inspectors that work for the government of the country (or possession) that we are trying to help.

Any such inspector that worked under me would have to show proof of distribution of the goods to the people in need…such as VIDEOS of lines of people with smiling faces.

100% of DoE spending cut along with handing out pink slips to all employees with be nice.

Why would you want to fire everyone at the Department of Energy and take all of their money? I think they do some important shit.

Read what I was responding to: it was the Department of Education.

No delegated power given the federal for any what they do among the several States. That it is considered “important” is not an amendment to the Constitution to make it lawful.

Also, I said nothing about taking money the employees have already got. Just ending the department and firing the lot.


Agree that. Any system that ensures the funding reaches the right recipients is fine by me. The trouble is that when there are so many millions of dollars/pounds sterling swilling around, it’s so easy to ‘lose’ a few of them; so your suggestion of materiel and not cash has merit.

He’s pretending to be smart since you didn’t abbreviate it as DoEd.

I avoid that abbreviation because some bureaucrat might look ad “Ed” and think: “Hey, we could have federal departments that regulate people by name! This could get me a promotion!”

Boomtards think this id the greatest economy in world history.

But can’t make a single payment on the debt.

The economy is doing well, tax revenues continue to increase.

We don’t have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem.

Solve that problem and we can begin whittling down the debt.

I regard the US government as almost identical to Weimar Germany. Instead of WW1 our artificial punitive debts are for colonialism, capitalism and western supremacy in general. We are a decaying state of degeneracy whose debts will never be paid - and should never be paid. They were never legitimate to begin with. Ideally they will collapse this clown government and resign it to the dustbin of history.