Trump Accelerates Fedral Death Penalty

In his final days in office, Trump orders series of executions - BBC News
I strongly disagree with the death penalty and Mr. Trump´s decision to push them through.Life in Prison is the worse form of punishment.

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Move to another country

Yep, after 17 years with no federal executions, and very rarely any during lame duck sessions, there’s been 9 since July and likely will be many more as Trump lashes out in anger over his election loss to Joe Biden.

Guy burned a woman to death and it took 22 years to dispose of the garbage??

That’s the only problem I have with the death penalty. Give them one automatic appeal to a higher court with a different judge and jury. If convicted again, the execution should come within a year. No sense in keeping the criminal at a cost of thousands per year.

…and the execution should be by firing squad.