Transgender Athletes are DESTROYING Women’s Sports | RT Topics

“man”, “woman” and “lunatic”

Nature has always had a way to sort things out. Billions of years in the process. There are things that cannot simply be disrupted, without serious consequences.

Um ok, as though mental health disorder is something worthy of mockery and ridicule…:man_shrugging:

More worthy of mocking than accommodating.

Well that’s the typical problem with selfish fringe. You have always had them with you and always will. It’s a civilized society that accommodates and cares for them.


Typical. Maybe you should consider the selfishness of those who demand we upend a culture to accommodate people who are perverts or crazy instead?

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Destroying women’s sport? No, they are making it better. At least they are worth watching now. “Real” women can learn from these transathletes and identify as disable, so they can go there and dominate the Paralympic.

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I think that’s the one of the few things South Park did that The Simpsons never did. Along with cripple fight.

The mentally ill will always be with us as they always have and civilized society will accommodate them…

Accommodating isn’t what these people want. They want their dementia to be seen as normal.

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Everyone has issues - personal demons - idiosyncrasies; but once it’s taken to another dimension, flags are raised. I always liked eccentric people, as long as they don’t creep me out.

That’s accommodation…:man_shrugging:

Accommodation without limits is like a river that burst its banks: destructive.

Some things should NOT be accommodated. Some shouldn’t even be tolerated.

Society will always accommodate peoples with mental health issues.

No, we take care of them and try to prevent them from harming themselves and others. NOT let them have a hand in setting social norms.

What you call accommodating is letting the inmates run the asylum.

There are people with varying mental issues, they have always been with us and they always will be, and it’s a civil society that looks after them, and makes room for them. Transgendered people are in that category. Just be grateful that your brain/heart matched the body you were born with and you find yourself comfortable in it and you don’t suffer the misery of those who perhaps think and feel like men but are trapped in a woman’s body, or vise versa. Instead of being hateful, selfish and bigoted about it.

At any rate, it’s no skin off your teeth.

Why, yes it is skin off my teeth. When they demand normalization and are doing such through children I object.

You coddle crazy you get more crazy. But as for letting lunatics run the asylum, that’s pretty much what progressivism has become. It’s just flat out dumb to let perverts and the crazy help decide what is normal.

That they’re here doesn’t mean they should be heard.

Well, at least that is progress. Admitting that transgendered people have mental issues makes you sound almost rational.

That we need to take care of them or especially make room for them is another matter.

Well you’re quite wrong about that, and much to your dismay, you’ll have to just set back and accept that American society is becoming more tolerant and less bigoted, even if you must be left behind.