Topic after topic that are anti Israeli tirades

They keep posting the same garbage and people keep responding to the sam garbage.

Anne Frank’s diary: hoax

Get Ready to Sacrifice 120,000 of your Sons for another False Flag War for Israel

Hitler’s Jewish generals. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

‘Terror’ explosion injures 13 people in Lyon, France



The Mossad operative is still on the loose, so who knows what it might do to disrupt Today’s YV protests as per the real plan behind this sloppy job.

Who is “Gog and Magog”?

New study finds America is LESS racist under POTUS Trump than it was under Obama

Oy vey - you filthy goyim don’t react to facts very well. Every time I post this I get $0.02 shekels in my PayPal account.

Just a few.

Anti-Semitic liars on a mission. They also tend to pat each other on the back with likes.

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I’ve seen trolls banned for being trolls. Not 100% sure why these trolls remain.

They meet every definition of an internet troll.

Apparently the moderators are unaware unless we flag them.

We are aware and we have put counter measures in place. This type of thread instigates the issue that we are working to resolve. It’s also not US News and Politics.

You may not have been on the threads a few days ago but @Patriot had very robust discussions with a number of folks here.

You’re correct it doesn’t belong in US News.

Moved it to world news and you can place it anywhere you would like or delete it.

Hopefully you can correct the problem as every topic seems to be derailed.

Only SJWs (Semitic Justice Warriors) have a problem with free speech. If admins give in to butthurt boomer whining and start silencing people this board will die.

This country is filled with hate and doesn’t need more from the antisemitic crowd.

Try and discuss things that we can affect, immigration government policy,

Hundreds of topics w can discuss without adding hate which you call free speech.

This board will die as people get tired of hate.