# Thousands of National Guard Troops to Remain in DC Through March The democrats are terrified to be in DC without protection

Thousands of National Guard Troops to Remain in DC Through March

January 23, 2021 Updated: January 23, 2021

At least 5,000 National Guard members will remain in Washingtonthrough mid-March, a spokesman for the agency confirmed to The Epoch Times.

“As we continue to work to meet the final post-inauguration requirements, the National Guard has been requested to continue supporting federal law enforcement agencies with 7,000 members and will draw down to 5,000 through mid-March,” Maj. Matt Murphy told The Epoch Times via email.

“We are providing assistance such as security, communications, medical evacuation, logistics, and safety support to state, district, and federal agencies,” he added.

The U.S. Army didn’t respond to a request for comment.

Tens of thousands of National Guard personnel poured into the nation’s capital for the inauguration of President Joe Biden. Over 26,000 were on duty on Jan. 20, as part of a heavy militarization of Washington.

Guardsmen experienced no security incidents and only three people were arrested in Washington on Inauguration Day.

About 10,600 Guard personnel were on duty as of Thursday. Officials were planning for how to return the rest of the troops to their home states.

“Some agencies are requesting continuity of operations, additional support, and recuperation time for their forces to regroup. Approximately 7,000 National Guard personnel are anticipated to provide that assistance through the end of the month,” the guard said in a statement on Thursday.

Christopher Rodriguez, a District of Columbia homeland security official, said that same day that the city requested continued support from the Guard with traffic management and crowd control through Jan. 30 “because we do anticipate that there will be another National Special Security Event occurring in the joint session of Congress.”

The numbers of troops needed were still being calculated, he said.

Three governors on Friday said they were requesting the return of their troops.

“I’ve ordered the immediate return of all New Hampshire National Guard from Washington D.C.,” New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu, a Republican, said in a tweet. “They did an outstanding job serving our nation’s capital in a time of strife and should be graciously praised, not subject to substandard conditions.”

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, a Republican, echoed the disenchantment of other governors with the way the FBI vetted all troops in Washington, resulting in the removal of at least 12, while saying on “Fox & Friends” it was time for the troops to leave the “half-cocked mission.”

Legislators expressed outrage earlier in the week when pictures emerged showing members spending time in a parking garage. The U.S. Capitol Police denied telling the guard to leave the U.S. Capitol. Lawmakers have vowed to figure out what happened.

With the exception of DeSantis People like establishment hacks Sununu is offering nothing more than lip service. Democrats and their fraudulent club still have to live among us, so perhaps the barricades and some form of military presence in DC becomes permanent. Kind of ironic when the country’s sovereignty is voluntarily being handed over to communist China.

Part of Mr. Biden’s “unity” campaign, apparently, is to convict Mr. Trump in an impeachment trial. That’s right, convict Mr. Trump, who already left office Wednesday.

That’s because this fake impeachment — just like the last fake impeachment — has nothing to do with removing a supposedly dangerous man from office. It has everything to do with maligning a political enemy.

Never before have they feared Mr. Trump more than they do right now. They fear him and his return so much that, instead of addressing any of the real problems facing the country today, they would rather pursue another fake impeachment trial to bar his supporters from ever electing him again to any federal office.

“We will be back,” Mr. Trump said. Yet it’s like he never left.

Schumer thinks this will be a slam dunk and take few days. If the trial goes on it will take a long time and the spotlight would go back to Trump, which would not be beneficial for Democrats or America. How will Joe deal with losing the main stage?

What are Trumps option? Trump asked for peaceful and patriotic demonstrations. And in America, it has been a custom to differentiate the advocate and the actor, meaning the law should go after the people who commit the crimes, and not the speaker.
As he is no longer in office the trial serves only 1 purpose to keep him from holding office in the future. Trump could challenge the constitutionality of the action in court.
The other option is do nothing and ignore the outcome of the trial should they convict. Run for office if he chooses and go to court to determine the constitutionally of the action.
None will bode well for the democrats.

Man, they are soiling themselves for some reason or another. I don’t get it. Do the troops still have to bivouac in a parking garage for weeks?
What is it they’re so afraid of? Nobody wants to go to Washington but them.
If I was NG from my state I would not want to go there.
It’s probably snowing or something. I do not do snow, lately…or since I was a toddler.

According to Sundance from CTH, the impeachment process for purposes to distract from trying to pass through Amnesty through the reconciliation Act.

According to numerous outlets the JoeBama amnesty legislation has been createdby the White House for congressional approval.

The House will likely pass such a proposal along party lines, just like ObamaCare; and then it goes to the Senate where Chuck Schumer will likely do the same reconciliation process to pass amnesty with a simple majority.

By stripping out a budget bill of substance, or using a COVID relief bill, the Senate amnesty bill will be inserted. It will pass along party lines and then be reconciled with the same amnesty bill from the House. The conniving leftists will do anything regardless of public support.

Watch carefully for them to move the execution of this up right after the House sends the impeachment article to the Senate. They will use the period between receiving the article and the February 8th trial to pull-off this amnesty scheme when everyone is distracted. It’s how they roll. Remember, at the time Harry Reid passed Obamacare (Dec ’09 reconciled in 2010) it was opposed by 74% of the voting electorate. They did it anyway… Expect the same here.

Of course you don’t. You weren’t the target of the retrumplicans attack. They brought a scaffold with noose as they chanted hang Pence and most recently a Trumper was arrested for plotting the assasination of a house representative. The capital police with guns drawn barricaded the chamber doors with furniture instructing the house members to grab their gas masks under their seats, and take shelter on the floor behind their seats…