This video speaks for itself -- Some technology is scary

This video was made using Google image technology. Just imagine the possibilities for abuse here. “Sir, we have video footage of you robbing a bank in Newark, NJ yesterday.” And this is perfectly legal, since noone actually owns the rights to their own images on social media.

I don’t see anything wrong with this.

All technology has been used and abused by criminals since forever. That’s no reason not to innovate.

Is this a deepfakes thread? I have tons of deepfakes. We live in Clown World and it’s all that keeps me sane.


That’s actually a pretty tame and sub-far deepfake tbh fam

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Liars like Libs will try to use this against their political adversaries.

It’s easy to spot a deepfake though. Also - what makes you think that governments all around the world don’t already have this capability?

Some deepfakes are actually quite good - sound is dubbed over perfectly and everything. I’ve even seen some that don’t have any lip blur. Can we post examples here?

That’s what @TGC is for. @Jeff controls the invites.

Lmao Ive been jerking to deepfakes since 2015. Fake harder.

Maybe this was what Obama was referring to.

Or, videos of our elites fucking and eating children about to leak and he was trying to lay down a cover story using deepfakes.

(Also - @KVN OPs title is absolute shit. Please change it)

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What’s scary about that? I could clearly tell her head was pasted on.

The fake itself wasn’t the issue. The issue is that we don’t own the rights to our own images anymore thanks to social media and the fact that these fakes can be made with your images without your permission is what’s scary. Give it some time. These fakes will be better.

Who said anything about not innovating? You think its ok for random people/companies to use images of you without your permission for stuff like this?

I’m not a celebrity and don’t have to worry about those sorts of things. If someone really wanted to Photoshop or deep fake my image onto something…have at it. I don’t care. Plus - if you’ve ever posted a family photo to Facebook, Instagram, Google+ then you’ve already given away rights to your likeness. That’s what happens when no one reads the fine print.

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That really doesn’t look like Gal Gadot but either way I can see where it can be used on those that they want to place at the scene of a crime or video of O’Rourke doing meth. :wink:


I agree. The question is though, should it be legal?