This is why Joe Manchin is a No on the "Build Back Better" Plan

This woman in the video below read the bill and outlines some of the outrageous stuff that they were trying to pass in this bill. The American people better wake the fk up, this is a socialism bill that is designed to graft the treasury as well as make Unions absurdly powerful! After watching this, because to be honest I didn’t read the bill myself is infuriating. Its so outrageous that it makes for causes to take up arms against these communist scumbags like AOC, Schummer and a lot more people in both houses that I care to mention and remove them by force. We are almost at that point!

Joe is no fucking hero he wanted programs to be permanently fund, like for fucking forever !
And he goes back on his word , he made a commitment to those commie motherfuckers then had a change of heart because he wanted MORE for his voters . His BBB was close to 2 trillion and we could never eliminate those free , free ,free shit EVER !

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The delay in getting this mega-monster bill passed is a blessing to those who want to know what it is the bill BEFORE IT IS PASSED!!!

We were literally fucked by Pelosi and Obama with his “Affordable” Health Care Act. (If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. If you like your plan, you can keep your plan. TOTAL BULLSHIT!!)

“The BBB bill will not raise taxes on anyone earning less than $400,000 per year” TOTAL BULLSHIT!!

“The BBB bill makes rich people pay their fair share.” TOTAL BULLSHIT!!

Everything that comes out of the mouths of liberal asshole Democrat Party Members is TOTAL BULLSHIT!!

Any congress member that votes for this Build Back Better Bullshit plan should be boiled in oil and served to the hogs.

Here’s a man who has read enough of the proposed bill to uncover some of the LIES that the assholes are feeding to Joe Biden so he can whisper them to the dupes in the American public.


Its true, every word you say. What scares me right now is the possible betrayal of Mitt Romney or another RINO sitting in the darkness listening to Satan’s overtures on why they should vote for this bill! Most of these people know if this bill passes it will be suicide for the country, including for them too, because it would only be a matter of time before it finds them at their own doorstep if you know what I mean!