Things you should be worried about, views from a major urban area

My city is gone, I’ve observed the changes over the past 30 years.

1st thing you should be concerned about.
Over regulations that destroy the ordinary man to start a business, or a skilled man to work.
( almost 99% of the business opened in Boston the past 35 years have been non Bostonians)
One of the best things to happen to an urban area is for a person from the community to make it, to graduate from a local school and open up a successful business. This happened all the time pre 1965. But with more welfare comes more government control.
These kids grow up with no stories of their peers making it.

  1. Immigration. immigration affects your family. It affects your education it affects your neighborhood. It affects your culture. It affects your heritage. And wages
    It is a cancer.
    Again pre 1965 you could be a dishwasher in any major city, have a family of 5 on a single income. You might be living in a triple decker, but your rent was low, your wife could walk to the end of the street to vender selling fresh vegetables, you had butchers that could give you a deal.
    Immigration has destroyed the voting base, wages.

  2. Education. You can’t flood urban schools with 50 different languages, and cultures and expect a child to focus on school, suburban schools have one language, one culture, kids can focus on what they are there for not why all the hatians are eatting school lunch while American blacks refuse to eat it, or why 12-13 year old Latin girls are pregnant, you can’t understand wtf they are talking about. Or why the white kids in your school, parents are getting poorer and poorer. And unresponsive to this kids acting like fools.