These People Know What They're Doing

Go to this website and have a good read of it.

These people are professionals. Anyone who is serious about defending liberty needs to act like they do.

You’ll see what I’m talking about when you have a look at the site.

We need a group specifically like this in New Mexico, Arizona, and California.

And we need groups, having the more general aim of defending liberty, with the same serious professionalism in every county.

Originations like these have existed near the border for sometime now.What we really need are national policies and laws that prevent and discourages illegal migration. Our present homeland security czar is an international embarrassment.

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Yes, we’ve had people whose hearts were in the right place, but who stumbled into some traps and ended up getting popped. These people in Texas seem very professional.

I absolutely agree that there is no substitute for victory, as the man said, which in our case means no substitute for state power. But this is one of the ways to get there.

We have to put the illegal immigration invasion front and center of the political agenda. No Democrat politician should be able to stand for office, without being nailed down on where they stand on this issue.

As with grooming in schools, and weakening the police, this is a winning issue for our side. But we have to actively USE it, and do it right.

These guys know how NOT to look like heartless rightwingers throwing Guatemalan children into the Rio Grande. (There is a species of rightwing bonehead, probably with manhood problems, who glories in sounding hard and tough – “Let the brats die of dehydration in the desert!” – although that’s probably a Russian troll or leftist infiltrator.)

The Texas Border Recon people know how to avoid that sort of attack, which is how the hard Left pulls the broad middle towards itself … the Left try to pose this as a humanitarian issue, and all decent people have a humanitarian side.

There’s another issue worthy of discussion: we need to think about how to strike at the root: the horrible countries these people are fleeing from. Are there not patriotic military men in El Salvador, for example, disgusted with seeing their country become, like Mexico, a truck-stop for the drug cartels. Cannot our CIA/NSA etc identify, by name and location, all the members of these cartels in their country? Could we not encourage – it’s happened before, there – a sharp, decisive action that would cleanse their country, with our surreptitious help, of this human garbage (and provide a bit of revenue in human organs for transplant after they’ve been dealt with)?

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Very interesting essay.