There is So Much Rape in Stockholm That Emergency Services Can't Keep Up

The reason why liberals are so hellbent on suppressing stories from Sweden is because it blows a massive hole in their positive immigration stories. When we look at Sweden we can see, what kind of hellscape we would have to endure if progressive policies were adopted unilaterally and across the board in this country.

On average, five rapes per day are reported in Stockholm, which has resulted in a significantly increased burden on the specialized Emergency Department for rapes at Södersjukhuset.

Due to the fact that five rapes are reported per day in Stockholm now, the Emergency Department for Rape at the Södersjukhuset - which takes care of and investigates all who report rapes in the capital - has received a significantly increased workload.

During the first half of 2019, the number of rapes reported increased by 20 percent compared to last year.

Since the person reporting a rape should not only receive care but also be examined for proof of evidence, each such investigation is time-consuming.

The Stockholm Police have therefore now started a special group that will exclusively work on investigating rape. The group consists of fifteen police officers, and will be available until at least the end of next year.

I bow my head in sadness for Sweden. When will people realize that it’s OK to have a healthy and moderate racial prejudice. It doesn’t mean you have to go on a crusade to rid the world of people of a different skin color. Just that you should distrust them and guard yourself from them until they prove to be not a threat. It’s not blind hatred, it’s self respect and common sense.


These numbers are truly shocking.

If you add those who did not contact the police then the numbers are probably much higher than this.

Sweden is destroying their country, their people, and their way of life.

This is what happens when you turn lose primtive drooling knuckle draggers, who have the IQ of a turnip, in communities inhabited by humans. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ My grandma Vilula always told me: “If you don’t listen, you surley will feel”.

I remember there was a steady stream of migrant horror stories coming out of Sweden constantly. Breitbart was doing a good job getting the word out for a while but it looks like they have quit reporting.

No, even primitive drooling knuckle draggers can figure out if people disapprove of things like rape UNLESS their so-called “religion” commends raping the infidels as a matter of piety and of right.

The problem is and will always be Islam.


I like that post. I often wonder how much is being kept quiet from the rest of the world. Irrespective of what the gormless liberals say, mixing cultures is a bit like mixing religions; both factions will be determined to predominate, and that’s when the trouble starts.

This is pretty disturbing on so many levels that I don’t know where to begin in terms of expressing my outrage towards their government. It has gotten to the point that when ever we see new stories pop up regarding Sweden we now have become desensitized to it.


They quit reporting because it has gotten too dangerous for reporters to go in the “No Go Zones”. If you add in expense for personal security services then you figure out that even if a team has that as an option is not going to be enough especially when authorities also act as the biggest obstacles to journalists entering the country thus not worth the effort! A logistics nightmare as well!

This seems to be a very popular claim by racists.

Another is to call Sweden the “rape capital” of the world but that’s only because of the stronger sexual assault laws and increase in cases that actually get reported and that go to court.

What’s racist? The country of Sweden reporting on these rapes or us talking about it?

Are you saying that Sweden has more stringent laws concerning rape than anywhere else in the western world? Evidence please. Have the laws recently tightened or have they always been tight? It is only of recent times that Sweden has had such a high rape problem, directly correlating to the influx of millions of men who see all western women as whores, because they don’t cover themselves head to toe in burkas. Nothing whatsoever to do with the conflict between Islam and western society then? :roll_eyes:

Sweden is number 6 in the world league table for rapes, the highest of all western countries.

One thing is sure: if these “refugees” weren’t bringing their women when the country was safe they sure won’t now that they’re dangerous. :wink:

For real? It’s not like Swedish women are being raped by white Swedish men. They are being raped by black and brown third worlders.

These Sand Nggrs don’t know how to act when they see attractive women uncovered.The Animlistic Genes inbred in them cause them to have an increased sex drive,almost like prisoners getting out after 20 yrs without a woman.
Being a PC country with feminized men there isn’t much hope even if would enact their own Sharia Law.

And MUTATING the NORDIC race!!!

I don’t think they are allowed to describe their attackers. Would be “racist.” :wink: The real Swedish men left with the Vikings so the ones left are probably limp wristed, beta drips and not that interested in women anyway. Maybe that is why Sweden is such a pushover for these invaders.

Are rapes only happening in summer? I don’t think there would be much uncovering during a Swedish winter. Anyway, do they know how to act when they see goats?

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My impression, with this Swedish immigration specifically, is that for every family (with usually at least 4 sprogs and counting?). there will be a hundred young single men without a woman, and with their hormones raging 24/7 around the calendar, it isn’t natural when the only way to GET a woman is to waylay one in the street as and when? This is why there should have been restricted immigration and not an open border with women beckoning them on? I mean, is that ASKING for trouble or what!! I suspect Sweden will soon need to build some more prisons.