The War on ‘White Supremacy’ Invades the Farmer’s Market

Yeah sorry, but we are not going to make progress until a serious beat down is put on ANTIFA in the worst way! IMO this is going too far and the leftist idiots know they aiding and abetting these terrorist scumbags and need to feel the blowback when that day finally arrives. I will not be surprised when the time comes a major conflict happens and these d-tbags get swept down with major knuckles causing permanent damage!

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We are quickly turning into an Africa-tier shithole. Next they will be demanding that all white owned farm land be seized and handed over the the unverified descendants of former slaves.

That would be the decedents of black slaves, correct? Cause I had Irish ancestors who were sold into slavery; and so far, I AIN’T GOT SHIT.

Antifa members disrupting commerce should be prosecuted. They have harassed Sarah Dye repeatedly at her FM booth, I think police have even been called once.

Time to call: WE BREAK KNEES R US

The real nazis are taking over this country they use their brown shirt methods to intimidate anyone who disagrees with them

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