The United States VS. Google (Anti-Trust Lawsuit) against Google begins!

Just as I predicted a few months ago is finally happening. We will have to see, but this is a pretty big deal and the eyes of the Nation and the world will be watching with narrow scope to see what will happen. This is going to be a landmark case to which bringing the Tech companies to heel is of absolute vital importance of democracy. At the very least revoking Big Tech’s Sec 230 protection whereas they are deemed a publisher and not a platform would not make Google aand others impervious to facing lawsuits when they violate a person’s constitutional rights. This is going to have implications world wide as well.

Statement from AG William Barr is here:

The methods, practices and purposeful control of value; through collusion of corporate interest specific to a planned and organized effort to control monetary benefit; is the part of their activity that is quantifiable, discoverable, easily provable, and ultimately unlawful.

The financial distortion of internet commerce is the crack in the Big Tech stranglehold that should afford the DOJ the opportunity to step in. Google (and all subsidiaries) will lose on the substance of their defense because ultimately their business practice has resulted in, and arguably they have engaged in, price fixing.

Commentary with Senator Hawley and Tucker Carlson

Let the Games Begin and happy hunting!

Nice of them to initiate this at the tail end of the first term.

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Surprisingly, there seems to be bipartisan support for this move by the DOJ, so better later than never. It just needs to happen for so many reason as you probably well know.

Great prophet speaketh!
How wonderful.

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