The REAL Real Reason and Motive why FBI Raided Trump's Home

This is the real reason as told to me by a judge not involved in the case, but who is in the DC circles made sense to me as to what the real motives of why the FBI raided Trump’s home. I will make this as simple as possible so even a laymen understands.

The raid did not yield anything despite what news media is self flagellating about with recycle stories.

The judge in the Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump case is the same judge that signed off on the warrant, as well as the same judge that presided over the Jeffery Epstein case. Conflict of interest? You bet! But it doesn’t matter because as the saying goes the swamp protect their own and this certainly is the case as it relates to the motives involved as to why the FBI raided Trump’s Mara-Largo residence to begin with.

Despite the Epstein connection, where it gets interesting is two aspects.

  1. Durham is already investigating several FBI agents involved in the Steel Dossier along with FISA warrant abuses. This has yet to manifest, especially given the case against Sussman can be considered a failure, Durham IMO is biding his time in order to pick the right time to pounce. Knowing federal prosecutors, they don’t like to lose and can only imagine what Durham is contemplating knowing he has to present his case to an already corrupt system to which the cards are stacked against him.

  2. The actual documents that the FBI seized (or that is what media wants you to believe because the FBI already has the documents) is a ruse by the DOJ in order to state for the record about there being an active investigation

On point number 2: The documents which Trump was authorized to declassify included incriminating evidence on Hillary Clinton that he planned to use in court against her. Now that the FBI has those same documents can now claim that they are inadmissible due to the active ongoing investigation excuse, thus protecting Hillary Clinton. The same judge who signed off on the warrant will also be compelled to agree, seeing he is a known democratic donor and was rewarded his current position due to his loyalty to the party apparatchik.

Anything else is just window dressing and fodder for the cake, such as Jan 6th looking for evidence to prevent Trump from running in 2024, blah, blah. blah. The number one objective for the swamp is to get this case against Hillary Clinton to go away. The fact is, Hillary Clinton is still eyeing the White house in 2024, and if she loses this case, it pretty much eliminates her chances of doing that.

See the bigger picture?

Garland last week at national press conference: “More information will be made available”

DOJ today: “You can’t see the affidavit”

The swamp at work with FBI assistance . :poop:

It gets better every time. Media lies, and so does everybody else. It truly is disgusting whether you are a Trump supporter or not, this shit is beyond reprehensible!

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