The Pyramid Of Doom


It is time for the 10th Crusade. :smile:

Edit: Rob was talking about joining them. My point was it doesn’t take that much to be untouchable.

In the French Revolution they guillotined the aristocracy. That worked. Is the NWO /elites the new aristocracy?


I might try Austria instead.
a) I speak a bit of Kraut
b) I might meet Julie Andrews


Wasn’t there a case in Austria where someone was convicted for saying Mohammad was a paedo? It went to the ECHR and the verdict was upheld?


The thing is … we need to adopt a cohesive response. Most people do not understand the layers, and would probably deny if you tried to educate them. So a sustained education thrust is needed to open the eyes of the ordinary (wo)man.


I was more thinking about the statements of the new Austrian PM, who basically said something along the lines of “enough immigrants, pass through or go back!”


I’m a little fatalistic when it comes to answering question 1 - when you look at human history, I think it’s human nature to form that middle layer and top layer and give them the keys to the car. Utopians imagine that someday it will all wither away, and their solutions are always worse. Before you try to reinvent civilization, remember that no matter how bad things are, they can get a lot worse. I deal with those realities by not getting too angry over things that I can’t control.

Question 2 - you’ve got to ask yourself - what would you do with that knowledge? Let’s say that everything is controlled by the Rothschilds - what are you going to do, stop buying their $500 a bottle wine? If they were all killed tomorrow, we’d just get a new bunch - and they could be worse. One thing I know for sure - I’m in no danger of being one of that bunch, even if I’m a founder now.

As much as I dislike it, that’s our lot in life. I’ve got enough problems of my own and at some point, I just ignore it so I don’t get angry all the time over something I have no control over.


Turn off internet, throw out the TV and grow vegetables and rear chickens instead. :smile:


Inept leaders have done it again.

Out society is in decay.


Throw out the TV?:scream: Subsist on brussel sprouts and chicken?:scream::scream:


Here on in it has to be education on the hoof. We are running out of time. If people haven’t grasped it yet with the events of the last few years, i’m not sure what more can be done for them.


I haven’t got a problem with the structure as in, there will always be someone higher up the ladder, that really is called life but when it is sinister and all controlling yes that does make me angry. Fine if you can ignore it because you believe it’s something you think you have no control over. Individually no but collectively I think we can.


Sorry about that StuFX, I forgot to answer your questions

question 1)
I think the reality is some people will bypass the buffer zones by becoming rich or entering the 1% in the country that you live in, If you’re a working class wage earning person it will be extremely difficult, the exception is if you’re in a job that solves problems .

Not all people will or can or have the opportunity to bypass the buffer zones , handlers, middle layers etc, those with a conservative right wing attitude at least has a chance as their eyes are open and they don’t follow blindly as the left.

question 2)

Here is where I have difficulties accepting this NWO, because somethings dont make sense, do I believe there is a global elite group ? yes… do I necessarily believe in this NWO, I dont know, because if that was the case half the billionaires in the world wouldn’t be billionaires.

Jeff Bazos out of nowhere, Buffett who has been a billionaire for decades, Aliko Dangote , Nigeria’s richest man, we are talking about Nigeria

How do you explain 25% of the communist party in China who are billionaires?
Even in America and any other country, people slide in and out of the 1% on a yearly basis.

Including the top ten richest in the world, you cant tell me that the NWO controls that too?

I think groups like the Bilderberg, the U.N and groups like that are the problem and contributes to the globalism and why I think there is an elitist group wanting to assert their ideas for one world, I guess it does sound like a NWO thing.


The trouble is that the messenger is Tommy Robinson, and you heard what SKY news has to say about him. Even Gerald Batten pointing out how many criminals there are in the House of Lords mad no difference to Mr.SKY.


Yes, theoretically we can, but I look at reality: collectively we’re a mess, too. It’s not just that there are sinister powers that be, the general population is indifferent to them. I look at the Trump revolution and make the odds that it fizzles, and expect us to go right back on the fast track to a really bad future. Our GOP is the only hope for turning things around, and they can’t. Weasels like Romney are the rule, not the exception.

The only thing that makes me think that we might wise up in the US is that probably things will get bad in Europe first, and it might wake us up. I doubt it, though, by the time St. Peters is turned into a mosque we’ll be too far gone ourselves.


As I was typing I noticed @Smiley321 response, I think this covers both replies.:+1:

No problem Max and just Stu is fine. Looking at my original Question 1 I think I could have worded it better. Not a way to bypass the buffer layer to join the top table but to have an affect on it. The entirety of their existence has been propagated by our mass consumption of everything they own and produce, including money supply.

I remember my Old Man telling my Mother a story once when she was complaining about a price rise in a product, (I don’t recall what exactly), just after the war 1945/46 he was in the States and said the housewives had a huge protest over beef prices I think, they left it on the shelves and it garnered a result because they did it in numbers. Sorry can’t be more specific on that story but you probably get my drift.

I don’t know of many places where that kind of protest is even contemplated now, apart from France, they have regularly taken to the streets, blockade ports etc

The relationship is symbiotic and they have severely lost sight of that. Of course if nobody lets them know in a similar manner to way those “Housewives” did they will surely carry on with business as usual. They need reminding they really do need us IMO.
The only thing which seems to get their attention is how the bottom line is affected in any deal.

Setting fire to things for example does cause disruption and that may well be needed but nobody can call the law on you for not buying/using their service/products.

I think the whole billionaire thing doesn’t necessarily constitute or earn you the tag of NWO. Yes you will likely have a sphere of influence but the current track seems to be not just about accruing more wealth (after all that’s never been an issue) but a flagrant power display of demonic proportions, the sad thing is we have provided the fuel.


I know what you mean about Mr Sky, I was replying to the above.
When I say educating on the hoof, I mean the time for getting through to more people is over, as clearly those who can’t see it now tough, there is no time left for preaching. They will start to see as we mobilise, everyone’s true colours will be on display and their choice will be very clear to make I think. That chap in the MOD I speak to now and again…he doesn’t wash the coffee cups.


I think you mean St.Pauls but get the drift. I think you are right in that respect, you Yanks need to watch what’s happening here, I know you already have a little infiltration but once they are in…you need a heavy dose of pest control.


Once you drill down a little, you get to the real reason that the left wants warm bodies from wherever: the modern liberal welfare state is a ponzi scheme, requiring more and more people at the bottom of the pyramid, and for whatever reason along with wealth comes lower birthrates. The only solutions are to curtail the welfare state or bring in trainloads of new warm bodies. The left can’t imagine going backwards on their utopia, so they close their eyes and let the barbarians in. It’s also convenient politically, because the barbarians like the welfare state and happily start consuming it and endorsing it when they vote.

They are so committed to the socialist agenda that they can’t see that they’re going to get eaten, like the rest of us, by the beast they’re welcoming.

I was referring to St. Peter’s in Rome, but probably that’s a little exaggerated. When it falls, it will just be the period at the end of the sentence.


I have pondered this before, I do not believe it is wealth. IMHO it is lifestyle. It applies in all strata where people are pursuing self-betterment.

In the UK the adminisphere has been putting obstacles in the way of having larger families, but only in front of the achievers. Those who cannot afford a car do not suffer the lifestyle strictures caused by not being ‘allowed’ to insert more children into a vehicle than there are seat-belts to restrain.

Those without a career are not impacted by having to take breaks to have children, and then repair the damage caused by a period of absence.

Not to mention the costs…


Some of you folks are making this far harder than it actually is. It all boils down to basically Greed, Envy, Covetousness, a sense of Entitlement, and Guilt.

The standard of living the US achieved in the first couple of decades following WWII was the envy of the world and the standard by which all other western democracies measured themselves against.

As they achieved the same basic standard of living the 2nd and 3rd world’s populations became envious, then covetous of sam.

Gilt felt by the children of elites led them to start demanding we redistribute the wealth of the developed world to the developing and undeveloped world which of course then created a sense of entitlement among their populations.

Insert the middlemen/women who amass enormous fortunes brokering these exchanges and you have a perfect reflection of where we are today and why