The Pyramid Of Doom

Within the last decade, IIRC, ownership of pistols has been completely abolished. A gun-club that I am aware of was effectively put out of business because they were not allowed to have any functional weapons. Not even if they were locked in a safe. All such weapons had to be disabled by removal of the firing pin or similar. The armed forces are the only ones allowed to possess pistols.

I am not sure about rifles. It is possible for some people such as farmers to own shotguns, but not the pump-action variety.

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Thanks for that info EX, my brother in law had a firearms licence for years, followed all the rules, bolted to the floor locked cabinet etc Ammo separate etc. Police turned up about 3 years ago now and took his guns, revoked licence. The grounds:- report from a member of the public that he had used threatening behaviour. Which turned out to be he told young lad in their small cul de sac not to zoom in in his car as often kids out playing etc. Lad gave him bit of lip and he told the lad if he didn’t piss of he would give him the back of his hand.
Result: Firearms officer concludes he is unstable.

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That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Obviously people were allowed to own pistols at one point, otherwise there wouldn’t have been a gun club to begin with. What happened?

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People have not been allowed to have pistols outside of gun-clubs for a while.
That aside you are correct, somebody went into a school with a gun…

Lots of ppl still got guns(and knives) in Londonistan tho I don’t think they need to have a licence

…tho they don’t care if they need a licence

I think one of two things will happen in the UK

  1. a civil war will erupt and it wont be a black vs white, it will be british whites, blacks, asians those who are keen to keep the British culture will battle the immigrants whose intent is the bring sharia law and not assimilate

  2. Britain will see a brain drain and you will see a massive exodus as they will head to the U.S , Canada and some to China.

Londonstan is a prime example of what happens when you allow people to migrate without assimilation , Im sure arabic will be one the languages students will be forced to learn


I am eyeing up Hungary

Didn’t Orban say recently that anyone who is of European descent and is a Christian is welcome to immigrate to his country?

I believe he did. I believe he is also welcoming self-supporting retirees.

< …where’s my bible… >

Between social programs and socialism.

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Poland is a good place to go!

Certainly the bad guys don’t either! If they are going to have a gun they will find a way to get one, and they don’t care about any stinking laws!

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I grant you safe passage my Friend! On this day I declare!

Max and others appreciate your opinions on what you think will happen and it appears to be a general consensus of opinion that civil war is a likely outcome at some point but was looking for some answers to Q1 & Q2 to see how peoples ideas of what that actual top structure represents to them and how in the interim period (assumption of civil war) some practical ideas of what can be done to impact that top layer.

It has been said already by @Scott but maybe we can dig further on that and other ideas of how we can can make an impact on them with just small adjustments to our lives ?

So for example I might think Big Pharma are a major force in that top structure. So if Everyone stopped buying Pain Killers unless absolutely necessary, this action alone could have big impact on Pharma.

Or is the feeling who cares who or what that top layer is you will never beat them ?
Just interested on how this opinion differs around the world, I’m not being UK centric as we pretty much all have the same issues just some further along the road than others.

I might have said this before Stu but it is my opinion that the only way is to join them. This clearly requires nothing more than super wealth or super power (perhaps one and the same).
Maybe Putin could be kind of an example, clearly he now has power and on the way to gaining his power he gained seriously superior wealth.
The problem is once you attain a position at the highest level do you then also succumb to the ease of life you have just brought yourself and let go of your original ideals of why you wanted to get there?
If enough of us retail traders got together and amassed a fortune so great it weilded respect at the levels on top of your pyramid I feel only then could you have any influence on world change.
Anything less than that great wealth and I believe we are powerless.

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You really don’t need that much to be untouchable.

  1. Don’t be on PAYE and Corbyn can’t touch you. Have your own business (ideally with offshore entities) and exploit every loophole there is.
  2. Send your kids to private school. They will be there to properly learn, facilities will be way above any state offering, teachers go the extra mile to make sure you are happy. You are treated as a customer rather than a burden. The only indoctrination your kids will get is confidence, ability to think for themselves and real life skills.
  3. Have a bolthole overseas.

I don’t think so, background plays a big part and some will just never forget their roots :smile: They do make joining the club very difficult with the obvious barriers to entry.

I agree some of us will stick to our ideals no matter what level we attain, unfortunately when you consider the likes of Soros who himself was a ■■■ and could have suffered the same persecution as other ■■■■ instead, as he himself admits, he was given an opportunity by the Nazi’s to oust his fellow ■■■■ for reward and look how he has turned out over his life time !

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In the short term I agree to 1 and 2 but it is out of the reach of lot of ordinary hard working people.
3 if the shit hits the fan, again for the few not the many. But obviously self preservation and if you have that you will do that for your family.

Going back to 1 and 2. There is a limited time for that before islam takes the helm.
Assuming we don’t have a crusade.:grin: