The people vs. Democrat hypocrites

The people vs. Democrat hypocrites

I live Steve Hilton. He needs a 5-day a week show. Here is a great clip from last nights episode:

“Steve Hilton introduces a new segment for ‘The Next Revolution’ with a look at hypocrisy within the democrat party.”

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Not to mention the US is the world leader in interfering with foreign governments.

A few:

Just a few that come to mind. To think the dems could be so outraged when they either instigated or supported the interference is the most hypocritical issue of the century.

You have a lot of apples and oranges in that list, lots of totally different situations. I have to disagree with this post of yours over all, even though there a little bit of truth in it…

Interference is interference regardless of the situation.

You may be able to justify why we interfered in a foreign country however we did interfere up to and over throwing their government.

How can you equate Afghanistan and Haiti ??

Did we over throw the government in Afghanistan? Did we put puppet governments in place in Afghanistan? What was our national interest in Afghanistan?

Didn’t the Marines invade Haiti remaining for over 20 years?
Didn’t the U.S. military occupied Haiti from 1994-1997 in order to “establish peace” and “restore democracy. What if they didn’t want a democracy?? Did they displace the government at the time? what was ournational interest?

Did the US use military force in both countries?
Did the US displace the governments in both countries?

The reasons may be different but the actions were the same.