The most SJW story ever… War on Whiteness Taken to the Extreme

This is exactly what George Orwell’s 1984 was depicting would happen. This is pretty insane, and I would tell the stupid ass bitch Madcow to go fking win a Nobel Peace Prize in science if she doesn’t like all the white people who contributed to humanity. Erasing history in order to placate social justice is a very dangerous precedent to set and is going to have severe consequences when the debt is called in eventually. “Madcow” and people of her ilk who champion such causes will be the first causality in the war that is about to come.

This is the context of the NPR Article

A few years ago, TV celebrity Rachel Maddow was at Rockefeller University to hand out a prize that’s given each year to a prominent female scientist. As Maddow entered the auditorium, someone overheard her say, “What is up with the dude wall?”

She was referring to a wall covered with portraits of scientists from the university who have won either a Nobel Prize or the Lasker Award, a major medical prize.

“One hundred percent of them are men. It’s probably 30 headshots of 30 men. So it’s imposing,” says Leslie Vosshall, a neurobiologist with the university and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

“I think every institution needs to go out into the hallway and ask, ‘What kind of message are we sending?’ ”

Vosshall says Maddow’s remark, and the word “dude wall,” crystallized something that had been bothering her for years. As she travels around the country to give lectures and attend conferences at scientific institutions, she constantly encounters lobbies, conference rooms, passageways, and lecture halls that are decorated with portraits of white men.

“It just sends the message, every day when you walk by it, that science consists of old white men,” says Vosshall. “I think every institution needs to go out into the hallway and ask, ‘What kind of message are we sending with these oil portraits and dusty old photographs?’”

She’s now on a committee that’s redesigning that wall of portraits at Rockefeller University, to add more diversity. And this is hardly the only science or medical institution that’s reckoning with its dude wall.

At Yale School of Medicine, for example, one main building’s hallways feature 55 portraits: three women and 52 men. They’re all white.

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Just because you remove a man’s picture from a wall, does not mean you removed his accomplishments from history. Although, history books are revamped regularly. It’s a Liberal thing.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For the longest time, my grand kids believed the only slaves in recorded history, were blacks on white owned southern plantations. That is, until Pop Jim came along. I told them to watch what they say in school, that being, TRUTH, since a lunatic liberal teacher could make their lives a living hell.

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Craziness like this is what earned her the name Rachel madcow. I wonder when she will call for all of the portraits of white presidents to be taken down and replaced with a giant mural of Obama.

Lemme guess… Anyone that speaks out against this will be labeled a white nationalist supremacist KKK literal Nazi.

May I step in. Obama’s mother was white; and his father was from Colonial Africa. That being said, the odds are Obama’s father was part white; and if so, technically, Obama would be more white than black. Just genetic math.

Okay, So a Liberal Lesbian media person is becoming a REVISIONIST upset that more men than women have won a major award and are mostly white.
Next she will campaign for Obama to be included on Mt.Rushmore .

They should hang pictures on the wall of famous African scientists and engineers…

Oh wait…that’s the second picture.

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Famous African architects. image

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