The Mistake I Made

Yesterday I posted on this website and I only accused the democrats of possibly cheating to elect Biden. I completely forgot to mention that the media may have cheated as well. I apologize for my mistake.


If you realize that the Dems and the media colluded, it will be redundant to say:

Dems cheated + the media cheated.

The questions to ask

Did voter fraud occur
Was it localized or was it directed from a state or national level
Was the media involved via its reporting and early announcements
Were pollsters poor polls instrumental in affecting the outcome of the elections

It would seem that foreign intervention is laughable compared to problems in the usa

The media have essentially been operating as the propaganda arm of a rogue shadow government…and there needs to be consequences for this.

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It was the Soviet Union which effectively used their media (newspaper then) for the regime.

The the Nazis were very successful with the media (newspaper and radio).

Now the media encompasses newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, and the Internet by the Big Tech, and stupid sheep get completely brainwashed.

The media has always been the enemy of the people. And it is today and will be as long as it’s in the wrong hands.