The mask we love

Our population of people who are afraid of daylight then took up the crusade of forcing everyone to wear face masks outside, in the woods, in state parks, in the house, in stores, while jogging, biking, in grocery stores, and in their own cars when they were driving alone.

A fashion industry has quickly popped up with useless face masks of various shapes, sizes, thickness, colors, and messages that fit the submissive and scared-to-death personality of the wearer. One famous individual expressed herself with a crocheted mask with holes.

We must wear a face mask at the bank, coupled with seeing eyeglasses, and it seems that it is now legal to do so. The new thing, a bandana. Who would have thought that looking like a robber would be acceptable and necessary in a bank? But here we are. The mask is great as it frequently causes glasses to fog. Of course few people wash them after each use as recommended by the CDC.

And here we are, mandatory masks in some places which few people wash. Safe because they say so.

I went to Fresh Market today and realized masks are required after being in the store for a few minutes.

I pulled one out of my purse, there only for situations like this.

People around my neck of the woods aren’t even wearing them. I’d honestly (temporarily) forgotten about the CCP Virus.

I honestly think wearing masks now (unless there is an underlying health condition) is virtue signaling.

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I personally avoid cities and businesses that have mandatory masking of the people. Whole foods has joined the masked bandit gang as well as several other businesses. Recently a nearby super market joined the fray and seas their business is off.

They can do without my business.


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