The Left's MSM Racist Narrative Against White People as a Reaction To Republican's Latest Actions

Well if anybody here had any doubt that the left are the party of racists then take a look at this recent montage of what the Hypocrisy and racist narrative that all of the legacy MSM is parroting and peddling to the public. This leaves no doubt! The first video is a MSM narrative put together as a reaction to the recent Republican walk out. Notice how the word "Old White, or Angry White men is being repeated by every media talking head in this video? Holy crap, if this isn’t trying to newsspeak a racist narrative by MSM, then I don’t know what else is.

Flash Back! Now look at the difference when Democrats where storming the floor and acting like the petulant children that they are.

And the Lefty’s wonder why some of us are so calloused towards them and why we always take them with suspicion? Funny how no leftist here is denouncing the the double standard that their party wants to regularly propagate!

Here is more of the context of this point.

Members of the media widely panned GOP lawmakers for storming a closed-door impeachment hearing Wednesday, but offered a vastly different response when Democrats organized a pro-gun-control “sit-in” last year.

MSNBC anchor Brian Williams accused Republicans of “flash-mobbing” the SCIF. Another CNN analyst slammed what she described as a “mob mentality.” Chris Cuomo blasted Republicans, saying Wednesday night, “of obnoxious political behavior, this ranks high.”

Some commentators injected race into the news story. MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch mocked “those white guys, those middle-aged, boring, nerdy-looking white guys.” CNN analyst Bianna Golodryga had a similar sentiment, saying she saw “a bunch of white men and I just thought to myself, ‘This is not what America looks like right now.’”

However, the same networks expressed high praise for Democrats when they staged a sit-in on Capitol Hill to force a gun vote following the 2016 Orlando massacre.

NBC anchor Savannah Guthrie referred to the sit-in as “extraordinary.” Her colleague, NBC News White House correspondent Peter Alexander, hyped the protest, saying, “Make no mistake, this was dramatic, like nothing we have ever seen before, truly one of the most dramatic demonstrations ever on the House floor.”

“Paul Ryan said that it was nothing but a publicity stunt. If that’s the case, it’s a damn good publicity stunt.”

CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin showered Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga., with praise, linking his efforts in the civil rights movement to his participation in the sit-in during an interview with a congressman.

She told one lawmaker, “Watching John Lewis, a man who marched with Dr. King, played an integral role in race equality. And now, you see him literally sitting with your colleagues on the floor!”