The latest Trutch about the 1/6/inseratioon, it was on CNN so it must be true?

On October 2020 the Oath Keepers and other US militia groups were plotting and practicing the assault. The Attorney for the OATH Keepers was on CNN, All the film you see of the entrance of the peaceful protesters was shot on the east Door entrancement the West Side were the Oath Keepers with AK 47’s and grenades, They were looking Pence, Pelosi and off site Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, They new the 2020 POTUS was rigged and were going to take out the organizers of the rigged election, Pence, Pelosi Biden and Harris, I will send an e-mail to POTUS Trump he needs to know the plot to destroy America is now been exposed, I can see Pervert Joe Biden hiding in his Basement in Delaware with Kamala Harris doing Willie Brown in the Bathroom thier and Pelosi and Pence getting so Drunk they want to move top RussiaAnyone want to sign the email?