The head of the snake

If there is big money behind Antifa, and all the other groups sprouting, why hasn’t anyone looked into taking them out? If Soros, and his other billionaire monkeys are the disrupters, why not attack them? Instead we’ve become servants to all the orders. I was told there is SO MUCH money behind these movements that there is no way to stop them.

The plan to dissolve the police, invites a takeover. When the takeover happens, Washington is going to be replaced by guess who?

We don’t have much time left to fight back. We can’t continue to let the fear mongers, control and disrupt our social order. Why are we so complacent?

As of now, they are two percent to our 350 million.

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We’re being suppressed by political correctness being promoted relentlessly by politicians on all sides. That is what keeps us from rejecting (by way of shutting down) the theocracy of Islam, the Marxist BLM movement, the release of hardened criminals back into society, and other things that ignore the constitutional rights that decent people deserve and our enemies do not.

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Conservatives are fighting the demonrats , the media , the FBI , the DOJ , The SCOUS , ANTIFA , BLM , every civil rights group in the USA , DACA , Hollywood , and millions more !!!

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Communism, which gave rise to Antifa and BLM, is based on the works of Karl Marx who was a satanist.

The idea of an egalitarian society without exploitation where the sick and the weak as well as orphans are well taken care of is not bad.

But when the Bolsheviks came along, the whole picture changed. Everyone was made equal (yeah, just above the starvation level) while a very small minority could enjoy the fruit of labor of such slaves.

If you don’t like such paradise, you get shot or sent to a camp in Siberia where you are worked to death.

In “Crime and Punishment” we read that the protagonist gets sent to a prison camp only for 8 years for killing a greedy pawn broker and her sister (unexpectedly). And the condition in the camp doesn’t seem to be inhuman.

But the whole situation changed after the Bolsheviks killed the Czar and his family and hijacked the whole country in the name of communism.