The Diane Feinstein Debacle!

I really like to punch these teachers in the face for indoctrinating our kids with such nonsense. Aside from that, watching Diane Feinstein handle these kids in such a arrogant smug manner is something to behold, and twitter has erupted into a free for all because of it. So lets put this freaking climate hoax issue to bed. Perfect opportunity for the debate to happen. Lets see how the media handles this one! I personally like the fact Diane Feinstein rebuked these crazy leftists, but we have to start asking and challenging the teachers about teaching this garbage to our kids.

“My 9 YO is a jerk!”

And, unfortunately, the left continues to exploit innocent children in an attempt to push forward their agenda. Senator Feinstein is not equipped with the empathy skills needed to react to her accusers. Let the Left continue to eat the Left


It’s entertaining to watch the left eat it’s own. The problem is, they will most likely replace the Feinsteins of Congress with more Ocasio-Cortezes.

I noticed that as well. Then again, she was being recorded so may have been speaking to adults who will watch the exchange rather than to the children in the room.

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This is precisely what I mean when I say libs been grooming kids for mental molestation…it’s not much different then rape IMO.

And before anyone goes down the road it’s nothing like rape…better think again. Grooming process is the same.

And I also see long term mental and behavior problems for those kids if this persist.


From the teachers mouth to the kiddies mind regurgitated out to Lady DI.

What scientist in there right mind would say the world is ending in 12 years? Oh that’s right Cortez said that.

There’s another ongoing example of this same thing right now: the public school teachers in Oakland are striking, and they’ve got the students out there on the picket line with them.

I’m sure that extra credit will be granted for those precocious social justice warriors skipping their video games for expressing solidarity with their teachers on the picket line.

The kids are doing better now with no school - learning nothing is better than learning a mountain of propaganda.

Good Lord, she’s list her mind.