The Destruction of Gender Roles


No such thing. That’s a myth.


I’ll have to take your word on that one as I don’t have military training.

What I believe is that we all have base instincts. However, some are born with a set that others don’t have or some have on a much more rudimentary basis.

Going back to where we started with Alphas, I believe people are born with that trait that it is not learned. What a person can do is learn to hone and strengthen that trait but it cannot be removed by learning or even by trying to suppress it.


So you don’t agree with


Through experience I believe there are very few truly submissive people left in this World. What I have experienced is a submissive person is just a lazy person that would prefer someone else doing the thinking and work for them.

When Women found their voice then discovered that they too could find careers that would pay their way a lot of them no longer had a need for a man to provide for them. Hence, we hear a lot these days from Women that they don’t need a man but rather want a Man.

For some Men that’s a hard pill to swallow. Traditionally over the eons Men were the providers going back to the time of cave men and women. All through history Men made the decisions and were the providers. You just can’t take that and all of a sudden expect Men to change.

Today the feminist movement has become extreme. They want to erase all mention of genders as though they never existed. It’s really an attack on Men. And wouldn’t you know it there are Men out there that agree. Sissified Men that would rather be submissive rather than hold onto their masculinity.


I agree that we all have base instincts.

I also believe some have instincts that other do not possess.


I disagree. I agree with SixFoot


I can’t speak for your experience, I’ve lived in too many places and met too many people.


Six Foot is difficult to disagree with. He makes a lot of sense :+1:


They are deluding themselves and rationalizing.


I dunno… I disagree with myself on almost everything. lol


The myth of “civilization” has made us zoo animals.


In the traditional sense, I can see where they are coming from.

Used to be, you got married and the husband provided for you. You stayed at home raised the kids. Divorce was a big no-no. If you worked a traditional job was acceptable such as teacher or nurse.

Women do “need” men and men do “need” women. We compliment each other as it should be. But there is nothing wrong with not needing a man to take care of you in the financial sense but rather wanting a man because you can provide for yourself.


If you didn’t disagree with yourself then you wouldn’t have the ability to come out of the argument with a cohesive, well thought out premise.


Providing necessities is not what makes someone an alpha, nor does expecting someone else to tend to their home for them.


I completely agree. That is not what I was replying to:


That sounds an awful lot like confirmation bias. Please explain.


I know. I was just pointing out that the “traditional system” people refer to is not an ideal situation for presenting what I see as a household alpha-type.


Agreed again.

My ex-mother in law is a great example. Her husband was an Air Force Colonel. Shot down in the Korean War, and fortunately rescued before he could become a POW.

Yet, when he was at home she ruled the roost and when she said jump, he asked how high.


I don’t agree with that defining an alpha either. lol

Being at the top and having all the power is not what makes an alpha. Being the source of harmony within the fostered environment is.


A further thought on this.

Assuming we are all born with the same instincts without differentiation.

How do you account for the difference in instincts between men and women?

The base instinct is to throw up your arm to protect your eyes from an object flying towards you which both sexes have in common.

The refined instincts differentiate themselves after the base instincts.

Yet, if I understand you correctly, you are saying that we are all born with the same instincts and they are learned not innate.