The Communist Playbook for Revolution is Taking Place

In a recent article by American Thinker, it nails home in clear definition on what is happening currently in the breakdown of Americans society. Many of the crazy things such as Gender, the leftists idiots in congress and blatant ignore of citizens in favor of illegal immigrants and much, much more, are all part of the Cloward Priven Strategy to topple America. In this article it succinctly explains why and is worth a read!

Here is the article:

The last sentence is talking to people like Critical Thinker, Bernie burn hards, Pragmatic, and Montecrusty! Of course with the latter mentions are mere examples of moral relativism in the arguments and retorts being propagated in narratives daily across many internet platforms, to single out a few would be a mistake but nevertheless it’s useful to recognise the language word games being used!