The Biden Administrtion in action: The WH has no comment

Once again proving Bidet cares more about illegal aliens than the American Taxpayer.
Biden’s $3.5 trillion spending bill gives migrants same child benefits as Americans

Democrats Tuck Multibillion-Dollar Handout to Illegal Immigrants Into Reconciliation
Joseph Simonson • October 4, 2021 5:00 am

President Joe Biden’s budget includes a provision that provides billions of dollars in cash to illegal aliens with children.

The $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill extends the Child Tax Credit to anyone in the United States who provides an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, overturning a crucial safeguard against fraud. Federal law required a valid Social Security number to receive the cash transfer from the federal government. The potential payout for illegal immigrants is massive, with each family receiving a monthly payment of $250 to $300 per child.

A survey from the Pew Research Center found that roughly 675,000 children are not eligible for a Social Security number, making the tax credit expansion for illegal aliens cost between $2.025 billion to $2.43 billion a year. Other estimates put the total number of illegal children residing in the United States at more than 800,000.

Families, regardless of their legal status, would be eligible to receive checks of $3,600 per year per child. The Democratic bill would amount to a universal basic income for parents residing in the country. Under U.S. law, illegal immigrants are barred from enjoying the benefits of federal entitlements.

Democrats are trying to advance an amnesty provision into the budget reconciliation bill, a process reserved for budgetary matters. Congressional Democrats have argued that granting legal status to millions of illegal aliens would add $139.6 billion to the budget deficit by 2032 due to their increased use of welfare programs. The Senate parliamentarian ruled in September that Democrats cannot include a road to citizenship for illegals in their bill, although party leaders have vowed to keep fighting for its inclusion.

Welfare policy expert Samuel Hammond said the potential payout for illegals under the expanded Child Tax Credit exceeds the per capita income of many migrants’ home countries.

“Consider that the value of the CTC for an infant child is now $3,600 per year. That alone represents 40 percent of Colombia’s per capita income, and nearly 120 percent of Haiti’s. This is why countries with unconditional welfare benefits also tend to have relatively restrictive immigration laws,” Hammond wrote in American Compass . “America’s historical openness to immigration, in contrast, has in large part been enabled by rules and program structures that minimize the fiscal cost of lower wage migrants.”

The White House did not return a request for comment on the Child Tax Credit provision.

As the country faces a historic surge of migrants applying for asylum, the Biden administration risks compounding the crisis by offering a greater financial incentive to those willing to make the trip to the southern border. One 2015 study commissioned by the Institute of Labor Economics concluded that expanding Norway’s welfare benefits to poorer European countries generated “substantial (expected) costs for the welfare state” and a distorted labor market.

“For families with children, [the cash benefit] entails that a job in Norway may be attractive even if the offered wage is extremely low. For example, the Norwegian cash‐for‐care subsidy for a one‐year-old child now amounts to NOK 6,000 per month, which … corresponds to 629 Euros, or around 80 percent of average earnings in Poland,” the researchers wrote. “Such features give employers and prospective immigrant employees incentives to agree on very low wages and poor working conditions.”

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Also another BIDET lie tucked into the pork package:
The Democrats’ $3.5 trillion budget proposal relies on a $100 billion tax hike that disproportionately targets the poor, lines the pockets of organized crime, and increases inequality.

The plan doubles the federal tax on cigarettes, which would break President Joe Biden’s promise to raise taxes only on those earning more than $400,000. Households with an income of $35,000 or less smoke at three times the rate of households with incomes of more than $100,000. Richard Marianos, a 27-year veteran of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives who worked on gang violence, said a tobacco tax increase will punish vulnerable communities.

“You’re punishing lower-income people, which the administration promised it wouldn’t do,” Marianos told the Washington Free Beacon. “You’re punishing the police departments that want to push towards reform. You’re punishing the states or organizations that truly have the tobacco harm reduction strategy to keep it out of the hands of kids and criminals. You cannot have a healthy community that is not safe.”

The Biden administration did not respond to request for comment.

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More corruption from the Bidet Administration that has no comment:
The very people he clams he wants to help he will shift some of their pay to unions.

Biden Rule Would Hand Caregiver Funds to Unions

The Biden administration may soon allow unions to take Medicaid funds from caregivers—a practice the Supreme Court has ruled unconstitutional.

Family members and professional caregivers can qualify for Medicaid reimbursements for the cost of care they provide to disabled relatives, but some states have siphoned those payments into union coffers. The Trump administration banned such pro-union schemes in accordance with a 2014 Supreme Court ruling, but the Biden White House is looking to revoke federal prohibitions against third-party payments.

The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit temporarily closed the docket until February 1 as the Biden administration proposes new rules.

The Biden proposal could prove a major boon for the president’s allies in organized labor. Unions in 2017 alone took in an estimated $147 million in dues from at-home caregivers, according to data collected by the labor watchdog National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation. William Messenger, a staff attorney for the foundation, said the Biden administration would reimplement the scheme, which helps fund Democratic Party campaigns and causes to enforce pro-union policies.

“What you’re seeing is a misuse of Medicaid funds being steered away from paying for care to disabled people and being used for politics,” Messenger told the Washington Free Beacon . “They set up an entire system to pressure Medicaid providers to assign a portion of their Medicaid funds over to unions and political action committees.”

The Biden administration did not respond to request for comment.

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A little PORK for Nancy:
Congressional budget reconciliation documents released by the House Natural Resources Committee reveal lawmakers plan to direct $200 million to a park in Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco congressional district. The special project is among many that would be funded by increased revenues and fees targeting oil and natural produced on public lands.

According to a confidential document obtained by E&E News and legislative language released Monday listing the priorities of Chairman Raul Grijalva (D-AZ), the Presidio Trust is slated to receive $200 million as part of the $3.5 trillion budget package. Each committee in Congress is given jurisdiction over a specific dollar amount within the ongoing reconciliation process. The documents show how the Natural Resources Committee plans to spend its $25.6 - $31 billion allocation Picture

The Presidio is a former military base converted into a 1,500-acre beach-front park located next to the Golden Gate Bridge. The well-adorned park features several private residences, office spaces, hotels, a golf course, and event venues located in the heart of Speaker Pelosi’s 12th Congressional District.

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Politicians have robbed taxpayers since the very first election and it is the very reason they run for office and spend millions to get elected . Why would a slimeball spend over a million dollars to get an office that pays $ 200,000 a year ? :thinking:

The Surprising Amount of Money Congress Has Stolen From Social Security | The Motley Fool

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Social Security is staring down a $13.9 trillion cash shortfall between 2035 and 2093, with the expectation that its $2.9 trillion in asset reserves

That’s a bit off as there are no reserves today. The reserves are treasury notes payable by taxpayers or borrowing.

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Creation of thousand of union jobs with guarantee pensions is great lol not

The jobs the jobs exist today. The issue is the union wants home health care workers to be a closed shop union.

People caring for parents would fit this category and be forced to pay union wages.

This is a article after the SCOTUS dumped the mandatory requirment in Mich.