The Anti Communist China Thread


All under Obama’s watch!

Monte, Communist China will stop at nothing to control shipping and exert their Communist Doctrine on the Pacific. Outside of the U.S. what other country can challenge them.They are not protecting fishing waters. They are are building a chain of islands for their ALLEGED defenses, but they will use them to threaten any country that sails in international waters near the islands.
Monte, although I defend your free speech rights and occasionally from attacks here, do really believe the propaganda they expouse and is there only Anti- American drivel constantly from you. Don’t take it personally.

Don’t waste your time with the obvious troll here! He has no idea what he is talking about! Another internet jockey whose become a cyber thread parasite to every ones thread topics!

Please provide evidence that their measures are for that and not securing the SCS resources that belong to them…

If they sail inside internationally recognized territorial waters, sure.

If criticizing US policy is anti American then we all are guilty.

You are as anti American as they get, and not sure why you feel the need to post three different reply’s to the same person if you weren’t trying to troll this thread either!

New article by Gordon Chang! Excellent read!

Is there no country you wont defend against America? Good grief where are you from anyway?

Why not actually address the post you quoted. Both the Obama and Trump administrations have committed provocations aimed at China, albeit Trump to a much lesser degree.

Don’t feed the asshat trolls here!

Sounds like someone we know here!

What do you want to do. You want a war with China? You realize that we didn’t win a proxy war with China when they were a twinkle of what they are today, right. Can America not take a few years off from war, or must we remain in perpetual war so as to not collapse economically???

You stupid moron! This is not about a military confrontation with China! Get your head out your ass and stop with you nonsense diatribe of your anti war bullshit! Actually read what is being posted and educate yourself instead of having to comment in threads you have no idea what you talking about Troll!

And what do they say about the frog that might have had wings…:wink:

Troll alert! Troll alert!

Oh this is just further proof of more idiots doubling down to defend James, and of all people it’s the Communist Chinese! Holy crap!

Are you defending the Obama administration provocations towards China, snicker.