The Anti Communist China Thread

This is anything China related. Financial, Political, entertainment, environmental ETC. We are now at a time where opposing anything China is probably the most patriotic thing you could do! Lets be clear though, the Chinese people who for the most part are good people, are not the ones who I am point my ire at, this is more about the murderous Communist Party and their mafia like thuggery of the economic aggression they are practicing all over the world! They deserve nothing but our contempt for even existing! It is time to start calling out Americans for their sell out to China. Hollywood, Corporate America, NBA, and Tech companies like Google and Facebook need to be ostracized for their duplicity and treasonous behavior against the country and American citizens! I for one am fed up and going to be actively boycotting anybody, anything that puts China ahead of America! If you support China, your toast!

Victor Davis Hanson Nails it in this article! Basically it sums up exactly what is going on with the discourse of the country and calls out the double standard being practice by people of the left and its supporters, especially as it pertains to China, which is central to every anti Trump supporter and the issues the they claim to care about, yet are perfectly happy to lick the boots of a communist foreign country such as China. The article suggests if it continues to go unchallenged we in the west will become politically repressed and just like China. This is an excellent read, and I certainly couldn’t do it justice with a synopsis, so don’t take my word for it!

Excerpts from the article:

"Far from a newly rich China becoming Westernized politically, the West and the rest of the world are more likely to become politically repressive like China.

Westerners, who apologize when Islamists kill cartoonists and journalists for supposedly insulting Islam, do not say a word when China puts a million Muslims into re-education camps, bulldozes Islamic cemeteries, and shuts down mosques.

Loud human-rights lions in Europe turn into kittens when it is a question of Chinese organ-harvesting, forced abortions and sterilizations, and the jailing and execution of dissidents.

American environmentalists demand a radical shutdown of the current fossil-fuel-based U.S. economy. They say little about greenhouse-gas emissions from China, the biggest polluter in the world by far.

Outspoken NBA athletes and hip Hollywood celebrities damn the Second Amendment, curse their president, and boycott states they find politically incorrect. But they become abject cowards when it comes to China.

Loud college students who disrupt campus speakers and forbid free speech never say a word about the horrendous human-rights record of China. They ignore strident Chinese expatriate student supporters on campus.

College deans who weigh in on global morality say nothing about Chinese gulags or crackdowns against Hong Kong."



I agree with you.Corporate America has gone head over heels into Communist China putting profit above all else, but cries like a baby when the government is Commies exert their influence on their business.
They have continued to escalate tensions in the Pacific by creating the man made island military bases to eventually threaten shipping in the area or threaten the security of near by countries.
American athletes and celebrities won’t speak out against them because of of their financial ties to companies that have interests there because of losing endorsement deals.
The Liberal press gives lip service to the Hong Kong protests and the military threat Communist China poses.

They have done so to protect historic fishing grounds. Those islands are in the South China Sea.

China would still be a struggling backwater and the US would be in far better shape if the US exchange with China were gold reserves you can’t print gold and anyway, has anyone gotten a look at our actual US gold reserves lately?

No, but please share what you know about that subject matter, would be interested to learn more.

Communist China will indirectly harass shipping to flex their muscles and dare anyone to stop them.They have refused to negotiate on the status of some islands in dispute and the man made islands are a defensive ring around the natural resources.

They count on countries appeasing them because they’re afraid of Communist China militarily and economically. Communist China becomes more confident as each country gives into them.We need to stand up to them before they become to powerful. :us:

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You don’t know that…

The arbitrary 9 dash line! When a country who pretends to want to be part of the world community but violates sovereign countries waters, breaks WTO rules, and snubs international treaties, then China is no friend of the world! They are who we thought they would be, a communist dictatorship that is seeking world domination through economic aggression!

They haven’t threatened the United States, on the other hand the US has been committing provocations against them in their back yard throughout the SCS.

Yes he does! There is already facts to support this assertion! You defending China now little Mao?

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Which is referred to the cabbage patch strategy.

GFY! Stop trying to opine on a subject matter that you have no clue about! Typical Monte asshat Clown the thread parasite here who invades everyone’s threads to spread more BS misinformation!

Yes, but they aren’t. And they are spending a greater percentage of their gdp on military than the US. They have developed an aircraft killer missile and are building their own aircraft carriers now.

They have repeatedly claimed that the US dominated unipolar world is a threat to global security and along with Russia aim to balance that out.

Why don’t you just copy and paste everything instead of telling us something that is useful and new to this thread Troll?

Which includes the red hatter himself who’s brand products, many of which are manufactured in China. Though he preaches to the rest of us to buy American and hire American… :roll_eyes:

Where were your protestations when Bill Clinton was selling missile technologies to the Chinese? Or when He was ushering in NAFTA that gave impetus to the big club that allowed Chinese goods to flow freely to rip off American workers? Where were your protestations when Bush was turning a blind while congress and Wall Street were doubling down on outsourcing the American work force for cheaper labor in China and enriching the global elites by selling American sovereignty in favor of China’s one China policy? Where was your protestations when Obama was actively participating in pay for pay schemes that saw the biggest fraud of pension and retirement funds of average Americans to the tune of 14.000,000 trillion dollars perpetrated by Chinese companies in the reverse merger boom?


Yeah, seems to me you know Jack shit about anything Nor can be honest enough to present facts with an objective perspective! You only come here to mouth off your stupid partisan BS without offering anything else you trolling hack!

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The Chinese have taken our production based economic model that made the US the ultimate superpower worldwide both economically and militarily for over half a century.

They have combined that with brutal totalitarianism and slave labor to in less than 3 decades become the number two economy in the world and rise to about number 3 militarily.

Just remember every time you buy a Chinese made product or use a Chinese provided service you are enriching their military and the communist regime as well as aiding in their continued rise to power.

So far their expansionism has mainly been economic but as they expand their military’s expeditionary capability over the next two decades they will begin a campaign similar to that of the Japanese to militarily take can control all of eastern Asia.

Once they have the manpower and natural resources of the western and southern Pacific under their control there will be no power on earth that can even hope to contain them militarily or economically.

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People keep making that claim. If you listen to what China has said, and what they are doing, they are clearly positioning themselves to challenge US hegemony. The US in the meantime has been squandering it’s wealth and is now squandering borrowed money.


The hypocrite in chief…