Thank You Foe Watching Our Abortion

This is some sick shit.

Panelists glorified the procedure as “basic health care” and “easy to do.”

“Thank you for, uh, watching our abortion,” Conrow said.

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… the finally unrepentant being thrown into the lake of fire won’t be done so casually or crassly as these murderers snuff out an innocent life.

Ever notice it’s usually the ugliest women on the planet who are pro abortion? The least likely to ever get pregnant; since the first step in pregnancy is the ability to attract a man.

I have not noticed that simply because some outwardly drop dead gorgeous but inwardly dead and rotting women have been among abortion’s loudest champions.

Now, that said I did notice many years ago that people who will take their clothes off in public protests are often among those most desperately in need to be keeping them on.

Well there be all kinds of ugly. You make a point.


Abortion Activist Attacks Pro-Lifers - YouTube [

Abortion Activist Attacks Pro-Lifers - YouTube