Ted Cruz Curb-Stomps Andrew McCabe

Pay attention to words and phrases like: “We Feel” and the end around to answering direct questions.

McCabe looks like a frightened deer in head lights when he is caught contradicting Comey’s previous testimony. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Graham grilling McCAbe. What a lying POS!

Cruz Missile Activated :fire: :fire:

Boxed in with nowhere to go except denial and obfuscation. The power of the truth when facing an obvious liar.

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Why isn’t that fucking POS in prison with the rest of Ovomit’s flunkies?? Long overdue, Durham needs to release that info or just go away! These are criminals.

Tired of hearings. I want accountability.

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Unreal what complete hypocrisy . I’m so done with these treasonous arrogant a-holes. Just round up all of the characters throw them all in prison for a very long time. We know they are all guilty as hell. These people lie with ease its sickening.


The GOP needs more instruction from the American people. They have to hold these criminals accountable or find a new line of work. If we don’t get the results we want and deserve then they should all be fired. No more useless hearings.