Ted Cruz battles Whoopi Goldberg… Gets booed at Yankees game

The show “The View” is one I don’t like giving validation to due to the blatant bias of leftist partisan politics and often misrepresenting the facts that is often common with what “The View” is known for. But just this one time seemed like an interesting moment to highlight where Ted Cruz was visiting New York after his Houston Astros just about destroyed the Yankees by sweeping them 4 games straight to reach the World Series appeared on the show to have a sit down with the hosts.

What was interesting about this particular segment which made for entertaining television, was how Ted Cruz pretty much held his ground when calling out Democrats for their hypocrisy in 2016 by calling Donald Trump a illegitimate president when he won decisively and but yet how Democrats go on the offensive to call out Republicans who claimed the 2020 election was stolen by Joe Biden (which it was)

“So it’s illegitimate when Republicans win but not Democrats?”

He even called out Whoopi Goldberg on the Jan 6th protests by a retort with the same comparison in contrast when ANTIFA that was burning down cities in 2020 to which she tried to play it off as if she knows nothing about the violence that the left is known for. Just when Cruz was just warming up Whoopi Goldberg abruptly and rudely cut Ted Cruz off altogether to end the show with the promotion of his new book. “Justice Corrupt”

Here Cruz is talking about the issues Americans are facing

But for extra bonus, here in this segment Cruz is getting subjected to some extreme vulgarities by New York Yankees fans while exiting Yankee Stadium, showing ultimately what classless idiots they are. This was a bad look for New York at a time when divisive partisan politics is running hot everywhere in the country. I am sure being at Yankees stadium after their humiliating defeat didn’t help matters either.

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