Sweden Preparing For Self Extinction!

Isn’t the New Testament an amendment? I thought amendments were well thought out & resulted in positive results.

That depends on ones believe. I was raised in a Christian Church that followed the whole Bible. Many ■■■■■■ sects certainly follow basically what Christians would consider the Old Testament.

Yes I know it’s biblical.
Christianity is right about homosexuals.

Christianity has been neutered and subverted by cultural marxists.

The reason I used Islam is because @here2bequeer is probably one of the useful idiots that remains silent about Islam while pushing their social justice/marxist agenda. @here2bequeer pukes up it’s vile babble from it’s safe space, never considering the consequences of what their power grabbing will ultimately result in. :slight_smile:

Except that their not. Find a Christian here that supports (at least openly) the death penalty for homosexuality, based upon their faith and scripture.

Sorry but that’s no way to debate. If that’s how you want to treat those you disagree with they’ll likely ignore you.

Quite the contradiction. Which is it???

That’s OK H! I won’t ignore you! Not everybody here is pretending to be snowflakes and flowers! Speak your mind!

Not abiding what ones God wants is a weakness in the follower. Christ absolved them of the burden of handing out God’s penalty. It’s not their mandate to punish homosexuals BUT neither are they to support what their god clearly considers an abomination. The reason i said Christianity had been subverted is that many many churches now support gay marriage. By doing so they have essentially condemned their own souls. I don’t see how they can square that.

Ok, you said that Islam is right about homosexuality. And they kill them. Christians do not, so they must then be wrong.

We are a nation of laws; and I would not see someone’s religious beliefs corrupt the law. More or less water & oil. If consenting adults wish the ram a penis into a shit filled colon in the privacy of their home, well, whatever. That’s know as love making.

Even the most whacko ( so called ) Christians don’t do shit like this. Only the Religion of Peace. https://youtu.be/gr7d1sTDNts?t=7

It was a fcking meme.

Platitudes are easy.


My guess is we allow the LGBTQLOL community to continue it’s power grab they will be the ones tossing straights off buildings.

Equality is power grab…:flushed:

What equality are they seeking at this point?

What I said: I hold by the basic teachings of Christ & the Buddha. More or less common sense. Now I’m not ( being a mortal man ) quite as tolerant as Christ; but if you don’t fuck with me, well, then I won’t wail you with a stick. Organized religion has too much mortal input - human foibles. Any ideology - religion that leads to human misery is not my cup of tea. Please leave me be; for your own safety.

Even Christ beat the snot out of the money changers; and He was Christ. So even He had His limits. Maybe He forgave them after He kicked their asses.

Has that long battle really escaped you?


Maybe you should move this conversation to this thread! It’s relevant and you probably missed AG William Barr’s excellent speech!