Sweden Preparing For Self Extinction!

This is not Kabul, this is Sweden! This is the genocide some were warning us about in Sweden!

No Go Zone youth gangs made up of 17 and 18 yr old teenagers have no problems showing Swedes (including the Swedish police) just how well-armed they are. Here’s an example of Kurdish teenagers from Stockholm flashing bulletproof vests, AK47s and shooting their guns in the city streets.


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I thought Republicans loved guns and wanted everyone to have them?

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Lol, we’ll thats a fine point.

You got anything to add the OP or are you just trying troll again?

Sad thing is … yours is a typical lib argument.


You thought wrong. Now, what about the Democrats who own guns?

Yes. They love guns – for self-protection, hunting etc. Not for jihad.

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True, but has nothing to do with the OP! Another libtard here who tries to derail another thread topic! (Not you)


This is being classified as world news and politics! I am not sure this qualifies as such! This is a story that is associated with guns which is a more appropriate category.

You should go let those boys culturally enrich you.
Islam is right about homosexuals.

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No it is not! I disagree! The title of the OP is what this is about! Immigrant terrorists in Sweden who are preparing for jihad against the natives!


The main difference between Liberal gun owners & Conservative gun owners is the hypocrisy. I carry a firearm for protection. One of the very best reasons. In the chain of events that led up to America becoming the greatest nation in recorded history, was a link known as armed citizens. Sweden does not have armed citizens. Do the math.

How does this sound; we, America totally disarm as a sign of good faith to the world. No doubt, once we do, Islamic radicals will be embarrassed over the fact they are still armed, and they will immediately follow suit.

Dude why are you derailing this thread and making it about guns?

It does seem to be about guns. The first picture looks like someone holding a firearm.

Read the OP! The picture is not the OP! If I wanted this subject to be about guns then I would have labeled it as such! Use your brain FFS!

Is this part of the OP: Here’s an example of Kurdish teenagers from Stockholm flashing bulletproof vests, AK47s and shooting their guns in the city streets.

Would you be accepting of Islamic law in America for that? You know it’s biblical law too. Of course most Christians oddly denounce the old testament, but it’s there nevertheless.

I guess the word “example” may have thrown me.

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I really don’t think Swedes would feel threatened by radicals running wild with feather dusters.