Supreme Court to Hear Oral Arguments Challenging Roe v. Wade in December

Or even one that acts like Jesus. You know, loves people, helps people, encourages people. Rather than calling people names, personally insulting those with whom they disagree with and impugning character……

Yeh, coming from the same side that claims math is racist! Everything to you is racist! Its must really suck for you to wake up every morning to be always in a state of grievance! You will remember that cancer you are feeding when its time to claim the bill.

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Here is what Monte looks like at home. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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If it weren’t for Christians I’d be one….:blush:

I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.

Isn’t it wonderful how you label everyone and he ASSume they are all the same.

Self projection and cognitive dissonance is a bitch for ya! Thanks for the many years of your entertainment here, proof positive you have no one to call your own! Sad!

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Hypocrisy is human nature unfortunately………

And monte is the perfect example for all to observe.

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It’s the same old thing we’ve seen since Roe V Wade, the right wants to force women to carry unwanted pregnancy to term but then they don’t want to help with raising the children. Once they’re born, they don’t give a shit about them again until they’re old enough to be fodder in their next resource war….:roll_eyes:

Maybe the right wants people to act responsibility and not use abortion as a form of birth control.

Who was it Whopi Goldberg with 5 abortions? Is that acting responsibly?


No, what the right would like is for women not to use abortion as a form of birth control. Some personal responsibility can go a long way to avoid the loss of an innocent life.


Jim Crow Joe is IMPORTING diseased welfare bums by the THOUSANDS.
And to bring you back to the subject of the thread, a couple of items:

  1. Roe was bad law to begin with. It was based on the same legal bullshit, known as Substantive Due Process, that the Dred Scott Decision was based. Basically, making one human being the sole property of another. It never should have been written.

  2. I’m surprised the Supreme Court is even willing to hear oral arguments, considering that past Supreme Court panels refused to touch ANY case wearing the Roe label. Considering that the Supremes did not overturn the Texas Heartbeat Law, it is possible this court FINALLY has an open mind about this barbaric practice of killing babies. Then again, with the FemiNazi element like Ruth Bader Ginsberg currently being room temperature, anything is possible. President Trump appointed CONSTITUTIONALISTS so that would be two votes overturning this FINAL SOLUTION.

  3. Overturning Roe would not end the FemiNazi FINAL SOLUTION. It would be up to the states to decide if a woman has the right to murder her baby.

  4. The extremes on the right would want ALL abortions overturned, since life begins at conception, and THAT is the science.

  5. The extremes on the left believe in POST BIRTH Abortion, with Governor Blackface of Virginia actually signing such a monstrous bill into law.

  6. Texas has chosen to come down somewhere in the MIDDLE of national public opinion by giving babies at least six weeks due process.

Bottom line, getting rid of bad law (Roe) will not take away your ability to murder a baby, or designate another human being as your property, (which is what Roe did.) It’ll merely leave the matter up to the voters of the individual states, as it should be. There will be plenty of blue Concentration Camp states where you can get a healthy baby dismembered and sucked into a sink. But states that actually value human life will now have a choice, a DEMOCRACY choice.

Funny, how issues like this cause people like you to distrust the democratic process.

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That is a monstrous and ignorant lie. The right wants to recognize the humanity and constitutional rights of BABIES.

They are HUMAN BEINGS. They are not cancer cells.

You are a monster.


Roe v Wade should be overturned, Abortion on Demand is straight up MURDER. I am not for outlawing ALL abortion though, I do think that in the cases of rape and incest and where the life of the mother is in danger then abortion should still be an option BUT as the LAST option.

Abortion on Demand is MURDER, there is something called CONTRACEPTION, don’t want a baby then USE contraception. Abortion should NOT be considered a form of contraception.

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When you can refrain then you can take the log out of your eye.


I always love how Non-Christians always tell ACTUAL Christians how WE are SUPPOSED to act.

It’s even better when admitted Atheists tell believers in Jesus Christ how WE are SUPPOSED to act.

Jesus Christ would NOT have SUPPORTED Abortion on Demand and Christian teaching for CENTURIES has NOT supported the MURDER of babies In Utero.

IF you support Abortion on Demand you are going AGAINST Our Lord and instead you are supporting what Satan DEMANDS.

It is really hard to adopt in this country as well. Perhaps an overhaul of the adoption system would make great inroads for folks who cannot support a child.

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Lots of folks have some kind of an ideal. If you don’t meet it then you are not up to their standards.

This is why they rely on politicians to be their God.

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When the right begins acting responsibly, you can start pointing your fingers at others….

Perhaps you can quote me calling other posters vulgar names or posting childish and nasty memes of them….