Southern Border Crisis *** UPDATE*** 12/04/2019

Man I hope so! So tired of these asshat judges! IMO they are one of the bigger threats of securing our countries borders and have been a major thorn in the side of this admin!

What this demonstrates is just how important it is for the Senate to get off of their asses and get as many of Trumps appointees approved as possible between now and next November.

He has gotten a lot of them already appointed, I will give praise to McConnell for in helping in that process, and that is rare coming from me when referencing McConnell. :rofl:

There are still at least a couple of hundred waiting. He needs to fast track them.

I agree, but I believe he will in time, however I suspect with the impending bomb that is in waiting (see my Pelosi thread) when the articles of impeachment are introduced that is when the real fireworks are set to go off.

I’d have to imagine he is spraying something to degrade the integrity of the fence.

Hopefully, Border Patrol is aware and investigating.

The report said this was on the Tiajuana side of the border! Nevertheless he probably is working for the drug cartel.

Here we go again! What is causing this new surge? Could it be the new breakout of violence between the Mexican army and drug cartels?

Simple solution. The US and Mexico should have combined efforts forty or fifty years ago to combat the cartels by labeling them terrorist organizations and wiping them from existence.

The supply created the demand.

As to your last one, the claim that smugglers are able to cut through the fence with a sawzall is complete bull shit.

Well even if there is some semblance of truth to that story, the wall with its electronic sensor tech has not been installed yet which will pretty much end the breach problem. However that being said I have yet to see pics that corroborates this story!

It is possible to cut through those bollard pilings.

It cannot be done with the equipment they are claiming is being used nor can it be done quickly.

Unlike jails and prisons we can’t shut down the border during construction.

True! I suspect this is more on target of the misinformation campaign being waged that is designed to try and demoralise Trump’s base!

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Here is a link to the go fund me page for border wall funding!

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This is a strange turn of events. Apparently Tuscon thinks Sanctuary City status is a bad idea!

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Cartel members arrested at We Build The Wall construction site

4 Gulf Cartel members arrested where We Build The Wall is constructing project 2
Along with more than 20 fake asylum seekers

Appendix: Fake Migrants

I’d laugh but I’m too busy laughing. Guess they thought they’d beat the wall by getting here early.

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