Southern Border Crisis *** UPDATE*** 07/13/2024

Maybe it is time that Trump goes full scorched Earth in order to address this problem once and for all!

This is extremely frustrating to watch while our leaders are busy playing politics in DC for their own self interests. Unless the American people march into DC and demand they address this crisis we will cease to be a country!

Watch Live! DHS Kirstjen Nielsen is tesitfying before congresss

UPDATE **** 3/30/2019

Trump just announced that he is ending all aid to Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. He also appears to be serious about shutting down the Southern Border.

This is clearly getting out of hand!

DHS Secretary Resigns 4/7/2019

UPDATE 4/11/2019

First contracts awarded for Border wall construction

This is according to the DOD’s website

UPDATE 4/13/2019

9TH CIRCUIT Rule in favor of Trump Administration of Allowing Migrants to Stay in Mexico to hear Asylum Cases.

UPDATE 4/15/2019

Now its Democrats that are upset. Cher should have kept her mouth shut!

UPDATE 4/17/2019



He said everything we already knew. I don’t think there is a single person in congress who believes that and increase in border security is necessary.

However I did not hear CBP mention that a wall would stop the surge. He mentioned specifically 2, very remote and RUGGED area, that they are seeing an significant increase in border crossings.

His primary concern is that those areas are far away from his officers and in difficult terrain. A wall would not be able to be built in those 2 specific areas

It sounds like what the border needs is more officers, drones with infrared technology and possibly working with Mexico more to keep some of these truely in need.

Yes, it is very frustrating.

Some don’t care. For some, that is the goal. For others it is a combination of both.

The majority of Americans support increased border security but the politicians are too busy playing “I win” with each other. All at the expense of the American people.

Where are the funds to process these people quickly and to deport quickly? We need judges desperately.

A march on DC is going to be as effective as Angel Mom’s trying to talk to Pelosi. Deaf ears.

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Well apathy is the destroyer! Like Ismail said earlier unless a bloody conflict ensues then the country will be lost! Its as simple as that! This pretty much sums up my sentiment!

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Our southern border and our immigration laws are a complete mess, and by and large most of our politicians haven’t given a rat’s ass about it.


For $3.4 billion, Saudi Arabia got this constructed for them by Germans, over an area a little less than 1/3 the length of our southern border.

Yet - we can’t even get a fence from our lousy Congress and these backstabbing judges.


Funny how there’s no money to protect our own borders but unlimited money for more Middle Eastern wars.

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I too hope someday our country will be exactly like Saudi Arabia.

You are a fucking hypocrite and a communist! Now go fist yourself!

You obviously don’t know what those words mean.

How did you manage to type those words without getting Obama’s semen on your keyboard?

Illegal immigration this year in 5 months equal to the record set last year.

We are seriously broken.

This will end poorly.



Why do you think the republicans in Congress haven’t funded trumps wall?

Why do Democraps keep denying there is a crisis at the border?

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Yes because we are already at 22 trillions dollars in debt, and at the rate where its estimated a Million new asylum seekers where the US Tax payer will be asked to clothe and feed these people will enter the US in 2019 will only exacerbate a major recession.

Mark my words! The system will be overwhelmed as we simply can’t afford it. It is probably a major reason why the new brand of Socialist Democrats are calling for massive increases in new taxes, because they know this to be true!

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The goal of the Democrats is to overwhelm our welfare system, schools, hospitals, etc., etc, with as many impoverished migrants from Central and South America so that in the end the only thing left standing will be the government and absolute power for the Democratic Party. That’s the Endgame.

That cartoon is very appropriate! Although I would have made it with a bunch of pregnant women with a caption including how the 14th Amendment is the new D-Day. I’ve joked that a concerted effort by a few countries could take down America without firing a single shot. Load up as many boats, planes, buses, etc, with pregnant women and have them all give birth in the US. Eventually the Welfare system destroys the middle class, which then in turns collapses the economy, and boom the end of the USA!