Southern Border Crisis *** UPDATE*** 05/24/2022

Al Sharpton gets heckled in epic fashion at the souther border. Now this is what I am talking about. Every political leader from the left needs to be treated like this, just like they treated us. Get in their face, give them a taste of their own medicine!

This was good!

Bidet would pardon them and job with the CBP.

Do you own any guns? Just wondering?

Did the Dems register them???

Who knows, but Haitians? Yep, they are letting them in everywhere.

Yes an AR 15 and a380 semi auto handgun.I moved 2 yrs ago.from the WILD WEST of Reading Pa to a 90% white suburb.Currently have 550 rds for the AR and will stock more and bought a red dot scope.Getting prepared for what may be next.

Spectacular! You are good to go! Get ready to defend your turf, and remember to build a coalition base with your neighbors! Start preparing because its a comin!

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No criticism of increased illegals deaths crossing the border , because of incresed illegals numbers under Bidet Admin.


Things are geting heated up as Mexican National guard are now in confrontation with the Caravans. Apparently on agent was already beaten to death just the other day