Southern Border Crisis *** UPDATE*** 03/21/2023

Interesting development as Texas is set to begin building their Southern border wall.

State commissioners unanimously approved a design-build contract that will not exceed $162 million for a total of eight miles of border wall that will fill gaps between portions of the federal border wall.

The contract was awarded to Posillico Civil, Inc., a 75-year-old New York-based engineering firm that has worked on other border projects. Commissioners said the first portion of the wall will be constructed on state-owned land in Starr County, with a 1.2-mile extension on private land.

Commissioners said the program manager, Michael Baker Huitt-Zollars Joint Venture, is pursuing agreements with private landowners to allow construction of other portions of the wall.

A specific groundbreaking date for the first segment of the wall has not yet been announced, but during the TFC meeting, a Posillico representative told commissioners the company understands “the importance of getting panels erected by the end of the year, and we’re certainly committed to making that happen.”

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Despite its “Cucker” this is still an Important message that needs attention.

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Prediction : The overall size of the foreign-born population will continue to grow rapidly, further impacting labor force participation.

The level of immigration (legal and illegal together) will continue to increase under the Biden Administration, after falling during the Trump years, even before Covid hit. As a result, the overall size of the foreign-born population will continue to grow rapidly. It hit a record 46.2 million in November of 2021, based on the monthly Current Population Survey (CPS). While there will be variation from month to month, the overall size of foreign-born population will hit a new record high in the CPS in the coming year. Further, until like during the Trump years when labor force participation actually improved for the first time in *decades, perhaps because immigration was lower, the share of prime-age men (25-64) in the labor force (working or looking for work) will not return to the level of 2019, even if the overall economy improves.

– Dr. Steven Camarota, director of research

Prediction : Illegal migrants will continue to be released en masse into the U.S.

Border Patrol apprehensions at the Southwest border are running at all-time highs, with hundreds of thousands of aliens evading agents and entering the United States. I predict that this national-security and human-rights disaster at the Southwest border will continue unabated in the new year. The Biden administration, however, will attempt to hide the scope of the crisis by expediting the admission of illegal migrants into the United States. They will do this under an extremely limited congressional grant of authority known as “parole”, which was intended by Congress to be used by DHS only “on a case-by-case basis for urgent humanitarian reasons or significant public benefit” – not en masse as the Biden administration has been doing. The administration has been forced by the courts to re-start Remain in Mexico rather than just continuing to release illegal immigrants, but it is complying with a load of caveats and conditions, ensuring that the steady and overwhelming flow of migrants will continue.

– Andrew Arthur, resident fellow in law and policy

Prediction : A spike in Other than Mexican (OTM) migrants at the southern border.

The fact that the GOP is expected to retake the House and possibly the Senate will probably become a very strong pull-factor for irregular migrants in Latin-America. Smugglers might push the notion that the good days of open borders will be over after the midterm election, telling migrants that “if you want to make it to the US, you should leave now.” Consequently, I predict a spike in border apprehensions before the election and possible before the new Congress comes into session. I also expect the percentage of OTM/OTN migrants at the Southern border to continue to increase following the trend we have seen since May 2021.

– Kristof Gyorgy Veres, visiting fellow

These ar the type of people that this admin is letting in the country. Its no joke although its funny, the fact that people are acting this way is al indications they know we won’t do shit.

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This is Kamala’s response to illegal immigration

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Whie everyone is talking about the bogus war in Ukraine, the Southern Border remains to be a very huge problem. At an alarming rate the country continues to be invaded by who ever and something needs to be done before the country collapses.

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This here is some bullshit! Bullshit! Bullshit!

More from the Southern border and then this happens to one of my brothers filming the the absolute filth there.

Finally some sanity and rule of law being restored. This is a good victory and one that caught everyone by surprise.

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Meanwhile, another wave of immigrants all organized with Soros and the WEF organizers is heading to the Southern border soon!


So let me get this straight! While everyone is busy being distracted with Disney’s advocacy of child porn and grooming, and the Pfizer sponsored theatrics of the Will smith smack, the Biden administration just announced they will be lifting title 42 and all we get is crickets? Does anyone here know what this will mean? Also, does anyone here have any doubt that this admin is purposely applying the CLOWARD-PIVEN STRATEGY in order to collapse our country with this?

Lord help us please, this is a death sentence if Americans can’t wake up.

When Democrats like Warner are chirping up, you know this is getting to a territory may keep such people up at night.

Ammo up!

Why wait?

First of Gov Greg Abbott’s promise to bus Illegals to DC.

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