Southern Border Crisis *** UPDATE*** 02/01/2023

One of the most brazen acts by illegals crossing the border.

Illegal migrants wave Venezuelan flag after crossing US southern border, attack Border Patrol agents

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This is outrageous!

NEW: Thermal drone video from our team in Eagle Pass, TX shows a large group of migrants crossing illegally into private property early this morning.
Per CBP source, there have been over 1,400 illegal crossings in the Del Rio sector in the last 24 hours & 69,000 since 10/1.

The same for Europes migration are behind this too I believe. No opposition.

It is the same problem all over the world. Which means, it is not by accident.

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The world is a current crisis.

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When the flood gates open with the help of Catholic Charities its the ultimate betrayal. NGO’s as well making this unprecedented invasion the largest in US history.

Our own betrays us, and because of this fact, this how America is being destroyed from the inside.


How do these people get positions like this? F**k this guy.


Don’t know, but we are all paying the price for these traitors!

They are not hiding it anymore and now they busing them in with Police escort!